The Oscar goes to...the CFL?

Hope eveyone is enjoying the off-season. Look forward to chatting again in June. (Right now the Calgary Flames need my support).

But the reason I popped by is I went to see "Brokeback Mountain" on Friday. There was a scene during dinner when the family was arguing over watching the football game on TV. and I am positive it was an Edmonton/Montreal game from the early 80's (that was the time period in the scene). Have you see "Brokeback" or have you heard anything to comfirm this? I thought is was interesting, and (for my own satifaction) would like to know if the CFL made its way into the movie.

I thought this would be interesting to you, and now some of the "uber-macho" guys around here have an excuss to see "Brokeback Mountain". You can tell your girlfriends you want to see the movie because you heard there was a CFL game in it.

Go Cats Go!

I'd love to see a CFL movie, I have a plot all ready to go.

I never saw it but I remember one episode of the Simpsons when Homer was watching the CFL draft. The commentator mentioned that the Saskatchewan Roughriders scored only 2 rouges the previous year. That was pretty funny. Worth an Emmy in my opinion.

In Two for the Money The CFL is mentioned as well. The main character who was a QB mentions that he doesn't have any options in the NFL left but there is the CFL option left.

Good movie

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a CFL game. They would want something with the look of an 80's football broadcast, and the CFL footage would be significantly CHEAPER than NFL footage.

I remember there was a Columbo TV movie back in the 80s that used footage from an Edmonton/Saskatchewan game. I remember the commentators mentioning during the broadcast that footage from that game would be used, then I watched some of the movie, and even remembered a couple of the plays.

The teams in the movie were called the "Elks" and the "Sharks", I believe, in order to explain the letters on their helmets. And the "Sharks" QB (who ended up being either the victim or the suspect...I can't recall) was talking to someone after the game, still wearing his uniform: correspond with Kent Austin's number.

I thought that was neat.

I think it was "exciting fourteenth-round action" of the draft. And the guys were wearing orange blazers, like the CBC used to use.

And don't forget

Kramer only likes Canadian football.
--Jerry Seinfeld

He was obviously turned on to it sometime after the 5th-season episode "The Masseuse", which aired in 1993, in which he attends a Giants game. US expansion was just getting started at that time, and hit its peak in 1994 and 1995. Kramer must have been one of the many American converts.

There's one scene in "Rat Race" (the new one, with Rowan Atkinson and Cuba Gooding Jr) that shows McMahon Stadium (I think Cuba was a disgraced football ref, and it shows him in McMahon).
I also think South Park had an episode involving the "Vancouver Roughriders" playing another team named Roughriders (might have even been Saskatchewan) ...
I too remember that Simpson's episode; now if only the CFL draft was actually televised!

I'm a lot like Kramer, now that I think about it.

Nope. Kramer is funny an quirky. You are wierd and annoying.

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The episode was the season 1/season 2 bridge alleged Terrance & Phillip made-for-TV movie "Not Without My Anus", and it was "Vancouver Roughriders vs. Ottawa Rough Riders". I'm wondering if Horn Chen sued Matt Stone & Trey Parker for royalties since they used his copyright :roll:

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