The order of sports

from the Head, not the heart

Just thought I would post my thoughts on what I think should be the priority order of sports coverage in our canadian media, trying to keep personal preference out of it. Based on a patriotic point of view, not so much economics or ratings.

1 - Grey cupplayoffs
2 - Stanley cupplayoffs
3 - Internationa Hockey featuring Canadian teams
4 - Any other major international championship event featuring Canada or Canadians
5 - Super Bowlplayoffs
6 - CFL playoff race, if there is one.
7 - Canadian teams NHL playoff race
8 - World cup Soccer
9 - Olymics (even thought I hate olymics)
10- World series (even though I dont like it)
11- regular CFL games
12- regular NHL games
13- NBA championshipplayoffs
14- Canadian NBA or MLB games*
15- Canadian NBA or MLB games*
16- Pennant races affecting Canadian teams
17- Canadian amatuer sports
18- regular NFL games (personal choice would be much higher)
19- reg NBA or MLB*
20- reg NBA or MLB*

  • I am indifferent as to which come first, NBA or MLB

I would tend to agree for the most part, although personally I think the NBA and MLB playoffs/championships should be ahead of the other regular season stuff. That's how I would choose to watch them if they were all on at the same time anyways.

I think any olympic men's hockey event involving our best Canadian players should be number 1.

Hard to cover all scenerios. I would rank them higher if they had canadian content. OTOH, without Canadian content, I could rank them lower. So I sort of compromised and put them inbetween.

you have a valid point. I figure the first three are very hard to decide between just by the head. Personal preference ends up deciding. I chose Grey Cup number one because of both personal choice, and because it is 100% canadian institution. Not even the other two can say that, even if they are more popular nowaday :thup:

That's kinda what I was thinking, I know I would be much more likely to watch a regular season basketball/baseball game if the Jays/Raptors were in it..... even as a prairie kid....

I think you missed the Nokia Brier and Scotts tournament of hearts.

Actually, I think they come under Canadian Amatuer??

I Don't Like How Low "Canadian Amature Sports" Ranked. That's One Of My Bones With Canadian Media. You Ranked It 17th, I Find It Ends Up Even Lower Then That. When I Say "Canadian Amature" Sports I'm Thinking Of CIS. If You Were Going To Do A List On How american Media Ranks Sports I'm Guessing NCAA Would Be Top 5. However Here In Canada TSN Bumps CIS For World Poker (Bamboo Making A Kiss My *** Motion) Leaving Headline Sports And Local Stations To Pick Up The Slack.

I am not sure if you are criticizing my list, or what actually happens???

In reality, Canadian professional must take precedence over Amatuer and College.

IN reality, Major world competition, Olympics, World soccer, world Hockey, etc, must also take precedence.

Where it gets tough american profesional vs Canadian Amateur. I tried to compare them individually, with a hint of realism

At least, things like world golf events and such didnt even make my list.

1 - Internationa Hockey featuring Canadian teams - Assume World Cup or Olympics.
2 - Grey cupplayoffs
3 - Stanley cupplayoffs
4 - Canadian teams NHL playoff race
5 - CFL playoff race, if there is one.
6 - Any other major international championship event featuring Canada or Canadians
I would rank the world Juniour Championships of Hockey here, not sure what else.
7 - Olymics - Winter games yes, summer games ranked much lower
8 - Canadian amateur sports - that really depends on the sport - Curling possibly.
When Canadian Curlers compete internationally is important also.
9 - regular NHL games
10 - regular CFL games
11 - Canadian MLB - Jays
12 - Pennant races affecting Canadian teams
13 - World series - much higher if the Jays are in
14 - reg MLB
15 - Super Bowlplayoffs
16 - regular NFL game
17 - Canadian NBA - Raptors
18 - reg NBA
19 - World cup Soccer
20 - NBA championshipplayoffs - maybe a bit higher if Raptors are in

r4758 - I could be out in left field here, but on a wild guess, I am thinking it might be possible that you like baseball a little bit better than basketball :slight_smile:

lol, the thing about basketball is I don't like the sound of all those shoes squeeking on the hardwood floor.

Ya what's up with TSN and their Poker? How is Poker even considered a sport? Ya ,those poker players sure look like athletes. :roll: How about bringing in chess coverage too in that case.

ALL MLB & NBA should be at the bottom of the list.

....the NBA is a morally corrupt league that is quickly sliding to the same depths of social relevancy that saw it almost fold in the mid 70s....any sport where the commish of the league has to request the players to not bring their PERSONAL KILLING DEVICES to the arena with them is a bad joke of a sport.....

I personally would like NBA and MLB to be off the radar, but I felt I needed to add at least a little dose of reality to the list.

That is pathetic...carrying guns... :roll:

First of all I agree with you all the way! But the fact is that we see an explosion of pocker player, more and more poeple starts to play this game, ex: Texas Hold'em. I`m one of them and when I see this on TSN or RDS and there is nothing better on TV (CFL,College Football, Hockey) I'll watch it, no doubt.

Just my opinion though....

Als Fan

P.S. I will be in TO with the annual Fan's train organized by the Alls organization. Can you imagine a better scenario ? It will decide the TOP Gun, second and third position in the final weeks !!!!!

CFL Rocks !!!!