The Onside Punt

Normally I like to consolidate post-game discussion in one thread, but I'm breaking my rule because of a play that was so singularly awesome it needs to have more space.

The Situation
It made perfect sense for us to be going for it on third and two. Kicker down, close to midfield, running QB. WPG had every reason to believe we were going to run a regular play. Even the formation wouldn't have tipped them off, since we regularly go shotgun on short yardage (right Crash?).

The Execution

  • Great punt by Masoli - a bounce-aided 42 yards! When is the last time a QB did a quick kick in the CFL? The only real risk on the play was the punt getting blocked if JM botched it, but he was perfect.
  • I counted three guys who were onside at the time of the punt. Great odds of recovery.
  • Speedy B lived up to his name as he raced past all the WPG defenders. And who better to have to dive on a punt than a guy who's fielded so many.

The Mystery
Did we even practice that play, or was it drawn up at halftime because of the injury to Castillo? Maybe it's even a holdover from the Reinbold era - although Jones wouldn't have known about it. TSN was calling it a great special teams play, but that was our offence out there against their defence.

The Result
That play was key to a remarkable, 105-yard scoring drive! And it came at a time when we were only 6 points up, and in jeopardy of turning momentum back over to WPG. The TD drive put us back into a two-score lead, which we never relinquished.

In an otherwise forgettable season, this was quite possibly the best single play we've run all year.

Oh the irony. The coach that doesn't get the fact that you should sneak from the 1.... runs the most Canadian play ever.

And, just when I, probably not alone, was still thinking "We're going to be out-coached tonight by that great direct snap of WPG's, early in the 2nd quarter, that led to what, it turns out, was their only TD of the game.

That onside kick has got to be the play of the game and probably the play of the week!!!!...

And Brandon Banks...I guy I felt they should have traded earlier because I felt he wasn't doing much...Living up to the nickname and picking up that ball and HE KNEW IT when he picked it up (so did I )...


ExPat - I agree with almost all you wrote. ?

But I believe that technicaly a quick kick is on 2nd down. (From an old Zuger watcher.)

This was the turning point in the game imho. We all saw it happening, great play

I've heard about the Zuger quick kicks from my mother (who reads my posts - Hi Mom!), but never saw any due to chronology issues.

Obviously it helps when your QB is also your punter. But I've always found it hard to believe that they would regularly punt on second down instead of going for a first down. Was it only done on second and really long? Was the idea to try to recover it like we saw tonight?

Purely for the "Hi Mom". Love it! Well done Sir!

All about field position. Zuger punted low and long and got a great bounce. Common to have a 60 to 70 yard kick and the chance of a fumble. In an eta that was far more defensive monded it could be a killer play on 2nd and 6 from your own 25.

June Jones out-special teamed Mike O'Shea! :o

Hey Pat:

I didn't see the game last night, but will today.

I did view the highlights and had the sound off because it was late in the evening, so I didn't get any forewarning of THE play.

My jaw flopped when it came on the screen.

My first thought was that this was something that Coach Reinebold would have executed.

They ran it to perfection.

At the very least, it caused a huge shift in field position, better yet, they scored.

Wow, what fun.

Excellent post ExPat, It was a huge play!

I'm thinking Jones is starting to figure out the Canadian game. (And yes, Jones out tricking O'Shea was gold!)

I'm thinking this qualifies as a quick kick, as it was done from a non-kicking formation. And the last time it was done was a couple of years ago by Ottawa, in a very similar situation, although it was from further up-field and they ended up recovering in the end zone for a touchdown.

Zuger was the master of the quick kick, given his powerful leg. In most cases, it was just a field position thing. With no one on defence playing deep, the ball would go over everyone's heads and bounce long way down field. Recovering it was a bonus, but not the primary objective. Sometimes the objective was just to get a rouge. There were three of them in the 1967 Grey Cup (available on YouTube), two by the Ticats and one by the Riders.

Actually, Ottawa tried it earlier this season against the argos.

The result then was a Toronto touchdown.

Somewhere...David Beckman is smiling.

Austin/Reinbold ran an onside kick play which was often successful. Good to see someone remembered it because sure as hell wasnt Jones

That was always with the regular punting team. They would vary the formation slightly to make sure one or two guys were onside. I think this was a completely different play. I was sure Drew would have asked Jones about it post-game, but I didn't hear that question.

Right you are. I forgot about Sinopoli's attempted tap across the line of scrimmage. He unfortunately got too much on it and just missed getting it back.

I think the one I mentioned is the most recent successful one. (Maybe.)

I have to admit that I couldn't believe what i was seeing - or thought I'd missed something because I thought they were in 3rd and 2 (or maybe 3rd - don't remember) and Masoli was still on the field. Then I noticed the ball being kicked and Banks running down the field. Brilliant play because of course it worked! :smiley: :wink: Had it not been successful I'm sure we'd all be moaning about that. However if BBs had recovered the ball, they had a long field. Fortunately the offense executed the play to perfection. Agree that it could be considered THE turning point in the game.