the only thing CBC does better than TSN

the intro music for the CFL is much better on CBC.

i hate that friday nite football music...'its friday, were gonna be haaaard to tame'.....downright embarrasing.

thats not saying the CBC intro video is better....JUST the music.

i wish TSN can take it with them next year, but i know they cant.

I like the CFL on CBC game presentation much better than CFL on TSN. Music, hype, panel, I like it all better on CBC.

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On one at least one site I post on, we have the option to turn sigs off so that we do not have to see anyones sigs. I really like that. Makes going through threads a lot simpler.

this thread nolonger has anything to do with what i created it for...can someone delete it?

I mentioned this in another thread but it might be worth it to some if I mention it again.

If you use Firefox and its Add-on Adblock Plus, you can simply right click on any annoying sig and tell Firefox to block any images from that specific location.

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Getting back on topic...

I like the intro and intro music from CBC.

CBC does it right.

What we need is the next stompin tom or hank willians jr.

I agree that would be cool