The Only Positive I saw

Armstead looked to be a big improvement from Holmes in the return Game, every time he touched the ball he looked like he could break it, and that was a horrible facemask, should of got tossed for that one.


i totally agree with what u said about the facemask…i thought amrstead was gunna be injured cuz it looked like his head andor neck snapped back

another positive…Zeke Moreno is the new league leader in tackles

also…Nick setta has the best field goal percentage in the league

A face mask offense like that one last night should result in ejection and possible suspension.

Come on, guys. I agree that the facemask was a bad penalty, but it occurred in the heat of a kick return in which Armstead had a serious chance to go the distance. There was no malice there.

I know you're an Al fan, D&P, but the refs don't look at malice, they look at actions.

I would, however, love to know how Chiu managed to talk his way out of his helmet removal for a penalty.

I agree there was no malice intent on that face mask, HOWEVER, I was thinking at the time it should be a 25 yard penalty.

It was one of the worst looking plays I can remember, I have no idea how he wasn't seriously injured. Thank God!

Cite me as a freak or a nut if you wish but a huge brawl instigated by the Tiger Cats after that facemasking would have done wonders to bond the team. If there ever was a time to toss a few haymakers…

(Sorry for writing what should never be spoken)

The thing is i agree with you. A us against the world mentality could really help, much like hockey.

I would dispute that when it comes to assessing disqualifications or suspensions. If you take one step too many and rough the passer, you're not going to get tossed. If you take three steps three seconds after the QB has gotten rid of the football and go helmet to helmet, you might get a DQ. In the first instance, you took a penalty in the heat of battle. In the second, you showed clear intent to injure.

I would, however, love to know how Chiu managed to talk his way out of his helmet removal for a penalty.
Pretty slick move by Chiu. :) I think his argument was that his strap was loose and he was only 'readjusting' his helmet to make sure it didn't fly off during a play.