The Only Downside for the Lions Next Week…

The only downside I see for the Lions next week is that Edmonton plays Saskatchewan. Who would have thought that a team that was in the last two Grey Cups would be destroyed 42-5 and 40-3 in back to back games like Saskatchewan was in the last couple of games? That has got to be demoralizing for any professional football team. The Esks must be feeling very confident knowing the Rough Riders are coming into town and knowing they’ve already beaten Saskatchewan 42-28 back on July 03.

Nevertheless, a B.C. win against Calgary next week at B.C. Place will put the Lions right back into 1st Place whether Edmonton beats Saskatchewan or not. Even if the Lions lose they’ll still remain in second place should Edmonton lose. A loss against Calgary and it will make it more difficult to finish off the year in 1st place. Who would have thought we’d be talking about finishing off 1st place after the Lions’ dismal 0-5 start?

I’m counting on the Lions taking out Calgary. The Stampeders are good but as Gridiron has pointed out, Burris is vulnerable. The Lions proved that in their last meeting but they have to be careful next Saturday. Calgary’s Cornish destroyed Saskatchewan’s D this past weekend and ran with impunity. He will be hoping to repeat that performance in B.C. Place. Forzani can be dangerous and Rambo is always a threat.

I like B.C.’s chances. What I particularly like is they’re not playing with swagger. They’re playing with purpose and measured confidence. They can smell a playoff birth and they can smell a 1st place finish in the West but they’re not being cocky about it. They know they are not flying by the seat of their pants but they know they could lose to any team in the CFL if they get over-confident or injured in key positions.

A first place finish means we get to see the Western Final played at B.C. Place and no doubt it will be against either Calgary or Edmonton, two teams the Lions are quite capable of beating. The Stampeders and Eskimos have other plans of course and the Lions do have to meet up with Hamilton and Montreal on the opposition’s turf. Both of those teams beat the Lions albeit narrowly. Interestingly, Hamilton is right in the thick of things in the east and is the hunt to finish 1st in the east ahead of Montreal and Winnipeg. Rest assured Hamilton will be doing no favors for the Lions.

I simply cannot wait to see the Lions meet Calgary this Saturday. If there is anyway you can make it to the game at B.C. Place I hope you can. The game against the Esks last Friday was fabulous. The game against Calgary should be stellar!

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I understand you are taking voice lessons Tyrone. So that you can start pronouncing words that are more than one syllable. Good boy. ROTFLMHO :rockin:

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