The one time i want to see a cfl game...

i cant :frowning: . I want to see ricky williams in action in the cfl. Im sure highlights will be on sportscenter though

awe..poor soonerfan.

...there will be highlights for sure....and realistically Ricky is probably not going to play more than 1/4 or half the is preseason and the coaches will need to look at a whole bunch of different players and formations...

i remember an article about how the CFL wants to webcast games ( i posted it on the old forum )...i wonder whatever became of that idea.

Here is a preview:
Whoops there he is oops he is down. Whoops there he is he is down. There he is oops he fumbled!

funny...PTS says in NFL the first 2 downs are ALWAYS run...

in CFL its 60-40 pass.

this is why BOB prefers CFL, cuz u dont know what to expect.

ok im sure if ricky can dominate in the nfl then he can dominate in the cfl.

If you only want to see a CFL game as of now, and then only if an NFL star is in the game ... do you mind my asking why you're on these boards?!?

He might .. and I cannot wait to find out

Hey 'sooners' ... u heard of a guy called .... Bryant Reeves?


ok what does basketball have too do with football????? and he went to osu, so i dont really care about him.

and im on this board because i want too, not that complicated.

so far avery rushed for 7 yards, and 5 yards then fumbled on his 3rd carry.

rickys 4 carries for total of only 6 yards.

18-0 ticats at the half

Not necessarily! The reason you would like that so you can go on your NFL tiraide again. Big deal we have had these guys come in here with inflated egos before (see O. Smith more then egos inflated). Only to fall flat on their faces. I do not think Weed will but he just may suprise you that there are no weak defenses in the CFL! We will see who gloats on this one. I hope the CAts stuff him tonight like a big thanksgiving bird!

Good to see that Avery's already in mid-season form!

4 carries for 7 yards yup this will be fun to watch! Right Sooner or later boy!

See my final post in CFL fans Unite for the excuses :twisted:

ok lol only 4 carries. plus its his first game. just wait until later i the season.

I will be waiting Reynolds made 5 times that on one carry.

Funny , I was at this game and 1 wrote about it.

The ARGOS all sucked , no excuses.

HAMILTON also looked great.

Great I hope you enjoyed the game!


  1. Williams played 1 Quater only.[The second]
    He gained 7 yards.So , I guess that he won't teat up the CFL , as I wrote that he wouldn't. BUT it was only his first CFL Q. after 3 practises.So we will have to see.

you can't wait until the start of the regular season, like the rest of us south of the broader!

untill then, hockey anyone? or basketball?