The one thing: Bomber's need to replace. . . .is

'we got it going on' slogan.

With. . .

'My kingdom for a horse' and a big picture of Lyle Bauer with an 'x' marked over it.

But all seriousness aside, I truly hope the best for Dinwiddie, but I don't think he's a starting cfl qb - I'm not going to lie. What I hope happens and what will actually happen, well, you get the picture.

Other than that, to watch Dinwiddie capsize down the spiral - then - it'll be Randall's turn.

Please - please do not commit back to Glenn, I pray this with all my heart.

Randall can do something with what we've got.

The Bombers have only recently begun developing QB talent. In years past, we just bought it. Don Jonas, Dieter Brock, Tom Clemens, Tom Burgess, & Reggie Slack, come to mind.

What you said about Dinwiddie was also said about another QB we had, used on occasion, and eventually traded. You might remember him–Danny McManus? While some QB’s are born, most are made.

As for who needs to be replaced, this man rose to his level of incompetence in last year’s Grey Cup–Doug Berry. Bring Khari Jones to coach this team and watch it catch fire.

At this point, be afraid, be very afraid, that's all I can tell you.


Re; '99'

This my friend was a brilliant post you made, as brilliant as they come in fact. . . )

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Dave Ritchie was a player's coach that kept veterans around longer than he should have. Crandall and the Stamps got hot at the right time and haven't equaled that intensity since--it was a fluke they beat the Bombers in the Grey Cup.

Jim Daley and Doug Berry were good assistant coaches who couldn't take it to the next level. Both lacked the imagination and leadership that it takes to coach a talented bunch like the Bombers.

I liken Berry's coaching style to that of a novice chess player. He comes out with his queen, a bishop and tries to checkmate in 4 over and over again.

When the opposition figures that out, Berry haphazardly throws out a few pawns in a vain attempt to stop the opponent's attack and create more room for his predictable queen-bishop-rook attack.

Though this strategy might result in a win against teams who have pieces missing from the board (Hamilton) and/or lack the skill to readily exploit Berry's lack of board development, skillful teams like Montreal will shred the secondary and dominating defenses like BC will commit their defense to stop a Bomber passing offence that doesn't believe in a running game.

We have one of the best O-lines in the CFL, the best RB in Blink (Lumsden's a marshmallow; see my glass RB post in the puttytat forum), the best D-line in football, a secondary that needs babysitting and special teams that are high maintenance.

It takes a head coach with skill to lead this Grey Cup contender to the promised land. Berry just doesn't have it. He rose to his level of incompetence last year in the Grey Cup and should be tarred, feathered, and rode out of town on a flatcar.

That snarly old buzzard Lyle Bauer should take the reins until a suitable coach is found; one that recognizes the talent of the Bombers and knows how to use it to maximum advantage.

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However, getting rid of Bauer would not only be 'catastrophic' but also welcome. The BoD's iron_clad outfitter's get tailored at Mr. BIG AND TALL on PORTAGE AVE.

I'll fill in the blank.....

Brendan Taman

I know, come Thur. what about after ever '2-and-out' the music heard over the pa_system blares out Kanye West lyrics. . . "18 years, 18 years" representing how long it's been since a GC.

Or each time we get into the red zone, Wayne/Garth dancing to "We won $10,000. . ." appears on the jumbo-tron.

I'd start at the top with Bauer, he's done his thing with the finances, now it's time for somebody who can bring a sense of pride back to the organization. For the last 20 years, many great players have passed over the Bombers as an option to play.

This latest thing with the cheerleaders is just another example of how far things have deteriorated with the organization.

I see the head cheerleader's need to resign was rather forthcoming of her to do so, but it really wasn't necessary if Winnipeg as an organization stepped up to help detract the undesirable women that started it all. It's a tough situation to be in, but she made a gutsy move in resigning. I know I would.

....we got it goin' more like could ask any Bomber fan 'what's goin' down'...and you would have to say ....Us in the standings...Got to turn it around guys, come Thurs. :thup:

...never quite got into the ' got it going on' thing

Oh ye of little faith...

Do you feel Glenn has played his last game.

Kevin Glenn is just like Jarious Jackson, when he's hot he's hot, when he's not, he's just a capable backup.

Bomber buddies, I know that feeling, I'm just as nervous with Jackson as you guys are with Glenn.

Too early to tell...

....i don't think anything will happen to Glenn in the foreseeable future, ...He'll now be in a back-up role....seasons end could bring changes for Kevin?????? :roll: :roll:

Arena league is his future if he does not get off his butt and play to the expectations of the team. But the problem is just not Kevin Glenn I think everyone knows that. The point is Taman should have challenged this team in TC. From looks of it he stood pat so complacency moves in and the result is evident. Good luck to the Blue Bombers but it appears the fans only have the cheer leaders to cheer about. Good luck in tonights game.

Slow starts have been made before ....and when it finally turns'll have to eat crow again my son....Good Luck to you guys should be a good game... :rockin:

Again what's this again business. Have you seen the record for teams that start of 0-5 only one team came back from this to win a Grey Cup and that was the Stamps. Odds are really against you there dad. Time for you to go find some fresh crow for your dinner tonight. Get the Stamps jersey ready to pull over that blue bomber one by half time. You won't want to associate with them by that time. Good Luck. :lol:

....hey i've seen some pretty drastic turn-arounds in my time....example 62' Bombers not making the play-offs....Next year winning the know this is the CFL my son and ANYTHING is possible... on the other hand probable...welllll we'll see :lol:

Ehhh... I think you'll see them play better, not hard for sure. They can win this game, in fact if they do get up and do what they've talked endlessly about (like running the ball and eating the clock) the boys can win big...
Just what I think.
As for Kevin, I'll still give him the reigns back if Ryan struggles and I expect him to turn himself around to get it going.