The one that got away - our last game against Calgary

And now back to this season's football....

Last year against Calgary we surprised the Stamps in our first meeting at home on September 18th, the reigning Grey Cup champs, with a win of 24 -17. Remember that long long pass from Tafralis to Bruce III on the second and short, to seal the deal.... Touchdown

The second meeting we then lost to the 5 field goals by DeAngelis, 15 to 14, in the 'Game That Got Away' on a Friday night in Calgary. Well we know who he kicks for now.

To get ready for Saturday, I have just watched the two highlight reels on Those past schedule years highlights and recaps are great!

Click to watch the GREAT ONE - September 18th at home
and for the MOTIVATOR October 3rd, 2009 - THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY!

Let's get some revenge for the one that got away last season on Saturday, Ticats

Oskee Wee Wee

I'm sure the cold (bee with an itch) slap they got last week knocked the "Grey Cup contender" buzz out of their ears, it was probably a blessing for them to get woken up now. Being at home after that ego kick should produce a nice win this week (Ticats win 32-18) :thup:

P.S. - I like the optimistic talk going regarding the the stadium :smiley: