The one point convert....Let's get rid of it!

Just had may calculator blaring.

This year there has been 235 attempted 1 point converts, with 234 completed successfully.

That is a conversion rate of 99.58%.

It is a complete waste of time.
I am sure it had its purpose at some point??

Why not put a little excitment back to the extra point?
Have it attempted from further back?
Have it as a play from scrimage?

Anything but the complete waste of time that it now is!!!

Wrong to remove anything from the game. The 1 point convert can end up going for 2 which can be exciting. The other point why have field goal kickers if they do not kick the point after. Why not just go for two all the time. Sorry leave it alone it is part of the game.

AS I said in every other thread related to this, like the one just the other day, Move the goal posts to the back of the endzone and the convert will be less automatic.

Not that I think anything has to be done at all, but if they are going to do that, I'd rather they just attempt converts from the 25 yrd line - amounts to the same thing ... except without the allegations of "Americanizing" the Canadian game.

I dont see any reason to either remove the convert or move the goalposts

of course not :stuck_out_tongue:

You must have been ticked-off when they added the forward pass to the rules!

How can anyone say you like the convert in the CFL?
Less than 1 out of 200 attempts have a different outcome.

If you move the goal posts back you remove the ability to return a missed FG, and I love that part of our game.

If you need a 2 point convert, have the attempt moved back to the 50, or you have to scrimmage from further back to punch it in for 2.
You can have a number of ways to get rid of the point after, and I would be good with any of them!

If it aint broke....dont fix it

so does that mean you never change the oil in your car?

Does that mean you dont upgrade your computers, or electronics?

neither is "Fixing"

Look what happened when they changed the ball 2 years ago

Look what happened when the changed the blocking rules on kick and punt returns a few years ago.

Its change for the sake of change

If you move the goal posts back you remove the ability to return a missed FG, and I love that part of our game.
as I replied to you in ticat forum

that would not happen,they would still try longer ones sometimes and be short. With the number of punt and kickoff returns in a game, a few less FG returns would not be noticed much, let alone missed. There is not that many returns per game anyhow. Many are conceded for a single, and many others dont get very far. I would not be much of a loss, compared to the gains

I agree Ro the game has been played like this for years and has worked so why change anything. QWhen you change rules in a sport this puts in jeopardy the history of events such as records. The NHL is prime example of hurting their history by changing rules to make it easier for those records of old to be beaten.
The convert is part of the game and the two point convert is an option making it a fun part of the game. It does not use much time to kick a convert really. Fans are so busy cheering on a touchdown it gives them time to calm down for the kick off.
Leave the game alone it is fine thank you.

Just because a convert is "almost automatic" does not make is so.
I agree, dont change it. Its part of the game.

and what are the gains?

Also, what would happen if you "got rid of the convert" change a touchdown to be worth 7 points or 6? I have seen missed converts, Ive seen missed snaps, I have seen a lot of 2 point convert attempts. Anything can happen. Why does everyone always feel the need to "fix" things? Whats wrong with the convert the way it is and the CFL game the way it is?


people get bored… so they think up dumbass ideas.

if they are bored, they can come paint my house.

Leave it as it is.
Here is one to think about, single point for a missed FG.
This is where some change is needed.

1 Point convert : Punch it in from the 1
2 Point convert : Punch it in from the 5

I wouldn't mind seeing that. If that works try

3 Point Convert : A 55 Yard FG attempt. THAT would be cool.