The one Argo who will never suck

Rusty, whomever made you suffer through Desperate Housewives (you are not alone in those forced television intakes), I am thankful they did. Nothing ridiculous or pointless about your post, or one single comment that follows. Well, except one person who can’t like anyone in double blue but I think they are just being tough. :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting this thread. It doesn’t take much, but I will admit to getting choked up regarding a few of the comments. Most notably the one about Pinball flying north last minute to attend Gary’s funeral. I met him once and have seen him walk across Balsam from his parking spot into the stadium countless times.

I hope this thread continues becuase one could surely write a book based solely on peoples personal accounts of the moments they have shared with my favorite CFL player/personality of all time. I don’t care what colors you where, class and talent is class and talent. Unless of course that book you are reading, is actually full of such accounts than it’s been done but these are the acts that all players and coaches (past and present), need to be aware of. The things expressed above are what truly make me a fan of any sport/team.

I love Ronfromtigertown’s signature: “Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us always communicated respectfully with others
on ticats .ca even when our opinion strongly differs from another’s opinion?”

One of the times I have met Clemens. [url][/url] Needless to say he had a few cameras pointed at him in the middle of Balsam. :slight_smile: He get's bombarded every time he crosses form his Parkview High parking spot, into the Balsam gates. Always has a smile. Always stops to shake a hand and pose for a photograph.

Thanks, lpattison,

My words express a similar meaning to what The Golden Rule says.

‘Act towards others as you would have them act towards you.’

Pinball goes beyond the Golden Rule with his “Me to We” philosophy here

Take a look. It may be hard for us to internalize this philosophy

but it would be a great goal for all of us
to work towards living by that philosophy.

The Golden Rule --------> He Who Owns The Gold..... Rules :wink:

Thanks for sharing that. Great video. Like I said above, I did not know he was a motivatinal speaker but he is great at it from what I see in this video.