The one Argo who will never suck

Pinball Clemons.

It's a proven fact that the Argo's suck. We all know this. What goes up must come down, We need oxygen to survive, Baywatch was the best TV show of all time and the Argo's suck. Period. No debate needed. Infact, I believe that it was the 11th Comandment passed down by Moses. "Thou shalt hate the Argo's and screameth ARGOS SUCK" But over the years some Evil Argo's Conspirators were able to have the 11th Comandment removed. Crazy, eh? But it was there... It. WAS. There. I know because it's in my heart... Wisper it... it feels good... ssshhh argos ssssuck.

Great feeling eh? It's like recieving the host!

Argos Suck. Mmmm :smiley:

But that's where Pinball comes in.

How can you hate the man? You can't! It is simply Un-Possible :wink:

I am reading a book that is quite a few years old... (Libraries really aren't what they used to be, eh?)

PINBALL The Making of a Canadian Hero

I like Pinball before starting to read this book... but now I like him even more.

It even brings me back to the one and only time I saw Mr Clemons in person.

I was at IWS. I walked into the Stadium and there's Pinball buying a hotdog and mingling with Ticats fans. Just standing there chillin. A lifetime Argo... hanging out with Tiger-Cats fans. Everyone around him seemed to be in good spirits. What other Argo can do that?!?!

I realize that this post is pretty ridiculous and pointless but whatever. I am being forced to watch Desperate Housewives (F-you PVR) so I need to ramble/write about something.


In the name of The Mosca and The Montford and the Oskee Wee Wee. Amen!

I remember a game against Toronto.
As the Argos were making their way across the field in front of us ,as usual there were a lot of insults hurled at the opposing players however as Pinball approched , one fan yelled out "ARGOS SUCK..except you Pinball".
He looked up and smiled at the crowd.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Someone should petition the Argos Suck website to modify the slogan to (except Pinball). Put it in fine print.

Well said.

Well said...

I love when an opposing player draws cheers from another team because of their personality/game play.

Windsor is good for that.

I remember two occasions when Windsor out shot the opposing team by a huge margin and brought it all game long but only managed to squeak out 1 goal wins.

Jamie Storr (while playing for the Owen Sound Platers) was one of them and Eion McInerny (London Knights - Spelling of his name???) was the other.

They stood on their heads and when they were named 1st Star of the game the Windsor fans gave them a huge cheer.

When a Tiger Cat G.M. who shall remain nameless banned fans from practice a few years ago

a couple of us went to a Blue team practice. Before practice started, Pinball spotted us fans
sitting in the bleachers on the opposite side of the field and came across to greet ALL of us.

He introduced himself to me, put out his hand, looked me straight in the eye, and he asked what my name is
and asked me where I was from. He said he was glad to meet me and I was welcome to come back any time.

He introduced himself and shook hands with everyone sitting in that small bleacher...about 20 people.

After practice, he had the whole team come over and line up in front of us, say hello and shake hands
or fist bump with every one of us fans who came out to that practice. Now that is fan appreciation!!

Pinball heard about Being banded from Practices and Sent me Email asking if we like come Argo Practice
we talk about football and Burlington Stampeeders Program
Pinball has Family that lives here in Burlington
I really Admire how after Practices the Argos would greet everfan shake there hand before leaving the field after Practice.

Pinball is such a class guy and this class reaches far beyond his performance on the field of play. My son and I enjoyed an unexpected meeting with him before a game at IWS a few seasons back. He approached us and started the conversation. My Son is a big young man, lineman size and very strong looking, maybe this caught Pinball’s eye. He asked my son if he played sports, and when my son replied that he played Box lacrosse at a high level Pinball’s eyes widen with disbelief, “that’s a small mans game? he said as he looked up at my son. Pinball’s next question was “what is the hardest part of playing lacrosse?? My Son told him its not to bad other then when the bigger guys hit him. Pinball laughed hard in disbelief and said, “there are bigger guys then you !!? He gave my boy a big hug rather then a hand shake when leaving and said, think about football.

Class !!!

No kidding about Pinball...he is total class.

When Garry Terpstra (an Argo's fan) died, he made a RUSH non-stop special trip to get up to Canada for the funeral ( he had just found out the morning of and was way down south).

Garry was a great guy and a real CFL fan first and many of you knew him from the tailgates. When Pinball saw us tailgating and toasting "Garry" out in the parking lot...he came right up and said "this is GREAT" "I understand what this is all about and it's wonderful that we can all share in this show of our love".

He then went in and delivered an impromptu eulegy. Then he stuck around and chatted with everyone and the family!

The guy is SO POSITIVE.

Pinball came walking up the stairs in Section 7 a few years ago to take seat among the rest of us. He's a great ambassador of our game. He's also the only athlete I can think of right now who has a nickname for his nickname (Pinner).

A friend of mine went to a conference where Pinball was one of the guest speakers. Even though my friend is not a football fan he said he was an amazing motivational speaker. He would make a great mayor of Toronto.......or even Hamilton.

Pinball is a true mench. The kind of person that embraces you without even touching you.

Would love to see him back coaching
But understand why he not.
One few Argos I respect.

I have so much respect for him as a person. He's a great ambassador for the CFL. Great stories. Heck of a nice guy, but as long as he is a member of the blue team in any way he sucks lol. Sorry guys. :lol:

Gizmo Williams aka "the Giz"

I'm with Banshee, he still sucks as long as he's associated with THAT team. :wink:

I agree, Michael Lutrell "Pinball" Clemons is a classy guy.

I referred to him by his nickname in one of my very first Caretaker's Updates - and a fan sent me a very strongly worded reprimand saying it was just wrong to refer to a grown man by a nickname as it was a condescending thing to do, and that the only reason I did so was because Pinball is black.

So I called Pinball to ask him about this, and to apologize if I had crossed some sort of line I was unaware of. Well as you can guess he could not have been funnier and more relaxed on the whole topic arguing a name is just a name. It is how it is used that matters. He insisted he was always grateful for the recognition and respect associated with his nickname. Of course he has spent a career earning this recognition and respect.

Cheers, Bob.

It's good to hear from you, Caretaker. I hope all's well.

That's a bizarre comment for anyone to make. Somehow I suspect the person who made it is white. They also must never have heard of Rocket Richard, Boom Boom Geoffrion, Babe Ruth, Sparky Anderson, etc, etc. Tiger Woods doesn't seem to mind going through life with his nickname.

If I had to choose between Tiger and "Eldrick" (his given name), I'd probably do the same.

Presumably Pinball is not just running away from the stigma of "Michael".

Perhaps. For what it's worth, I like "Eldrick". It's distinctive, unlike, say...Bob? :wink:

I remember it well Woody. We were all amazed when he showed up.

That's a great story and so reflective of the CFL. Does anyone think something similar would happen in any other professional sports league?