The Oline

So, as I stated in another thread, our Oline looks brutal compared to what I see in BC and Winnipeg. Calgary has a decent one as well.

BCs Oline gives Lulay tons of protection and time to throw. And the gaps they give for Harris is unbelievable.

Do we even have a running game?

The o-line has had a couple of poor games, especially the Calgary game, but other than that, the o-line has been probably the strongest aspects of the team.

Yah, and that's the sad part. They HAVE been the strongest part of the team!!

as i stated in that same thread it seems like the line has went downhill since Berry left. I question if Buratto is pulling split duties and coming up thin on both accounts. He seems to be in the media talking about trying to work with the O as a whole more.

I disagree. They have provided better protection then last year but in the last 3 games not very good at even that. They do not move the line of scrimmage at all all year. ST is by far the best part of our team.