The oldest man on this earth @117 years old says he credits all his health to one secret!:


So he's old and healthy but he's never been happy?

happy and marrige dont go together...atleast not from what i've learned watching married with children..haha

I was curious how you were going to work that post title into a slag of the Bulldogs. My mistake. :wink:

No Offence to Married people Here..
I Respect their Choice.
I'd Rather Say Single Less Problems..
Less Compromises Less Headaches

I am Signal I am happy and Content to stay so
I was Never this happy when Was in a Relationship

I don't Think I Could Spend 500 Dollars on Season Ticket
If I Was Married or hard a Girlfriend.
The Money Would have to go Else Where.
Kids or Bills would take my Money Instead.

I don't Think I'd get away with Watching all that Football I Watch Ether..

For me Staying Single is the Key to being Happy.
who would have thought it.

Maybe the Old guy has it Right.

I'd say he had it right... if I had the choice to make again, I'd run. Run, run hard, run fast, but RUN.

Is His name Damon Allen?

I wonder if in hindsight he regrets some things too.

Many o'man hath said he would o'been dead by now if he hadn't gotten married and settled down.

And many o'single people will live long enough to find out how lonely it is to be familyless and an argo fan in their old age.

Your right The Hamilton Bulldogs are not worth our time, any time!

And here we have the One-Liner of the Week.

BTW: Does the CFL allow walkers onto the field for the QBs?