The Old Stadium Looks fantastic with the new style temp seat

I really love what Saskatchewan has done with the new stlye temporary seating that has been put in for the next few years as part of the Grey Cup Legacy project. Sectional pieces with real football seats and luxury suites. With it being in easy to take down sections it is something that the CFL should think about having stored away in a warehouse and taken out when needed. It is like having a sectional sofa. The league could store away an entire bowl stadium and take out what sections they would need for temporary seating for different stadiums when a few more seats may be needed. Certainly could be put right into use next year for Hamilton if TD waterhouse is used on the Western campus in London. The end zone to the right of the main grandstand has the open space for it and it would wrap around to the two current grandstands and also have corporate suites to sell.
If they could have gotten Gulph University for thier games the stadium their only has one large grandstand on the homeside and these sectional seating pieces could wrap around both end zones and the vistiors side line and also have the ability to sell the corporate suites.

Thumbs Up to Riderville!