The Old saying goes "Defenses Win Championships"

Tell me a little about our DEFENSE. They obviously did not do well last year because we did not win very many games. How are we going to improve our DEFENSE. The O-Line was okay, they had some holes that needs filling, but the DEFENSE, needs to get better at causing turnovers, getting to the QB and just reaping hell all over the fill. Who is the defensive coach and how will it get this done? Inquiry minds just want to know. I'm getting geared up for the season. I can't wait to see all the changes and how it will impact this organization.

Denny Creehan. He says he wants to turn us into the Pittsburgh of the north with a mean, bone crushing, punishing defense, with a lot of blitz schemes. our two worst areas were front 4 pass rush and coverage from the defensive backs, you can point to either as being our worst area because the two basically live off each other. O'Billovich is letting go of our second best player on the defense, and fourth leading tackler in the league to sign a big time pass rusher, probably Canada. He will improve our pass rush tremendously, we will probably have the best 1 2 punch in the league with Canada and Mckay, that is saying we do sign him. As for our secondary, we have signed back our two best DB's from last year, Lawrence Gordon and Jykine Bradley, and brought in a guy from Edmonton who didn't play to bad last year. I think O'Billovich is also looking to free agency to fix this as well. The one good thing you could say about our defense is Zeke Moreno. Leading tackler in the CFL last year, and probably defensive player of the year if there was no Cam Wake. This year will be better, our young team will come together.

I think we lacked most at pass rush. By far we had the fewest sacks.

We had a very strong linebacking corps.

Our DBs suffered for many reasons.

  1. Lack of CFl experienced co-ordinator/coaching - They were lost out there. The CFL has 12 men on the field including 5 DBs.

  2. Lack of pass rush gave the opposing QBs and receivers tons of time to operate.

  3. Lack of continuity. - As a result of the poor play the team changed up the starting Dbackfield way too often, thereby never giving them any time to gel.

I agree Kirk But still have a Lack of CFL Coaching Experience He coaching the DB’s

I don’t care how years you coached in the NCAA.
It not a Pro Type Game.

If don’t get a Pass Rush it will be Bombs away again.