The old NCAA better than CFL talk started again

So another argument is coming up that says a good NCAA team could beat a CFL team.

Honestly, does anyone really believe that? That amateurs could defeat professional football players?

We see NCAA rookies come in and star in the CFL, and the NFL skims off the best of the CFL suited players, so it is not completely ridiculous. But there are a ton of variables, largest amongst them being "under which rules"?

This falls into the "Who would win in a fight ... Superman or Might Mouse" (as was posed in Lean on Me)

Could the Memorial Cup champs beat an AHL team? Nope! Still boys against men (physically, mentally and professionally) Sure there are exceptions of certain players but this has always been a ridiculous premise and I don't know why the OP is bringing it up again. Where has this talk been started up again?

Perhaps a team made up of the top NCAA players could compete against a CFL team. But an individual NCAA team? How many players on any particular NCAA team are good enough to play in the CFL? Given the number of near-top NCAA graduates (those passed over by the NFL) who show up at training camp and are quickly sent packing, plus the number who are never even given that chance, I'm thinking most NCAA players wouldn't be able to keep up with the players on a CFL team.

But I'm sure those who know nothing about our league will continue to believe this.

Here is the myth busting argument

All-American CFL QB busts
They come to Canada and fail miserably
Bill Lankhof, Toronto Sun June 27, 2010

Also NCAA players could barely beat Canadian college players back in the late 70s in the little remembered Can-Am Bowl and I would hazard to say that the number and quality of Canadian football athletes has improved at a much better rate than the Americans. How much bigger/better have their (NCAA) programs become? The CIS has made a quantum leap in the quality and professionalism of their programs in the years after this series was played. Not saying they are equal, just saying the CIS has lessened the gap from where it was.

It was almost unheard of back then for a CIS player to get any kind of NFL attention which is why those rare birds like Jamie Bone, John Priestner and Mike Schad stood out.

Better to ignore these debates.

Half the players on a CFL roster are Amerrican. ALL of these Americans were one of the top players at their position in their conference in college. Hardly that many on an NCAA div I team are.

The other half of the players on a CFL roster are Canadian. Granted almost none on an NCAA team are, but then again probably a quarter of those CFL roster Canadians ARE NCAA trained (ex Brent Johnson Ohio State).

Approx 1/3rd of a CFL roster has more than 5 years pro experience. No one on a NCAA roster has any pro experience.

If a CFL team played by NCAA rules it would be allowed to expand it's roster by 16(?) players (and these 16 would be Americans) so a CFL team playing against an NCAA team would be WAY deeper than we already know them to be. If an NCAA team cut it's roster to 44 (even if the import ratio was waived) it would be gutted before it stepped on the field. The coaching staff would be scrambling with their heads cut off just trying to put their special teams back together.

Any NCAA team (or any fan of) that thought they could walk on a CFL team head to head would be in for an extremely rude awakening no matter what rules they played.

No. Nobody believes that. Certainly nobody who's ever watched an actual game would say that. I suppose there might be a "moral victory" available for the NCAA team if they "only" lost by 50 points or so.

"NCAA players" is a huge pool. What players were representing the NCAA? Their very best? Or the ones that didn't get invited to a bowl game, with their team or for any of the East/West, North/South, Tall/Short, Smart/Stupid, Left-handed/right-handed Bowls. I expect the CIS team was the mostly the best and the brightest.

Also, from what I could find (apologies for any deficiencies), the games were played under CIS rules (huge advantage) and only two were played: a 22-7 loss in the pouring rain and a 34-14 loss.

Much as money drove the NCAA in the 70s it is gotten nothing but bigger, with training ridiculous facilities and separate position coaches for left-handed DL and right-handed DL.

CIS has ABSOLUTELY gotten batter but just look at the CFL all-stars shows that 2/3 - 3/4 remain internationals; many at the "designated" ratio=nationals positions.

There might be a small handfull of schools that could pull it off. Most would be completely humiliated.

Yup idiots are still out there. Fact is NFL teams would lose up here

I love this

You rule

The national champion team would likely get slaughtered by a CFL team just because on that team, there are only a handful of players that will be moving on and playing at the next level. The very elite high end NCAA player may be better than anyone on a CFL team, but on a very good NCAA team you’re going to at best have 2 or 3 of these players. The talent level between the rest of the guys that make up an NCAA team is a huge drop from the guys playing on a CFL roster, even guys we don’t consider stars in the CFL. There’s also the fact that the CFL roster is made up of physically matured men, whereas the NCAA are mostly kids not yet in their physical prime.

The problem with this argument is that most Americans know almost nothing about the CFL, whereas plenty of Canadians watch or follow NCAA. They would be in for a rude awakening when Alabama gets crushed by an average CFL team.

A few % make the NFL and few more % make the CFL. So that leaves a big majority that will never play pro. Do the math. We would kill a college team.

That argument conveniently ignores the fact that the vast majority of non-imports didn't get so much as a sniff from a minor D1 NCAA team. Let alone the Ohio States and Bamas of the world.

Lets not forget they have to learn a different game very quickly.

U.S. fan of the CFL... Would rather watch a CFL game over any NCAA game... And I don't really care if an NCAA team might, could, or have the possibility of winning a game with a CFL team. It will never take place and if you like the CFL it doesn't matter. There is a large faction of us down here who like the rules, the style, and the tempo of play. Don't change your game.... Long live the onside punt and field. Great game.... love it.... Can't wait for June....


While I occasionally watch NCAA ball for a few minutes, especially near the end of the game, I just find the low level and speed of play too hard to watch for long. Now, if all I ever watched was college football, then I would likely think it's awesome, but since I mostly watch pro ball, the college game just doesn't cut it for me. Though if I really want to master football I should follow it more so I can be more familiar with the players.

With all due respect Vermonter, I'd like to see some stats to back up this assertion. The last time I checked a CFL roster nearly every single player I checked came from a D1 NCAA team. Even some of the Nationals came from D1 teams.

So please, lets see some evidence that what you say is true.