The old cup question

those who see the cup half empty will cry and bitch over the lose.

those who see the cup half full will be pumped over porter. Specially if it leads to trading in Printers for improvement elsewhere.

The way I look at it, I would of been more furious if the game had actual meaning (lets say a playoff game?) at this point all I can do is laugh at everything and hope for the best. At least I dont have to look at charlie taffe's stupid ass anymore.

Do you see a team that would be interested in trading anything for Printers....he completes more passes to the rest of the league wearing Black & Gold than he could ever do wearing their colours.

Two ways to trade.

-Trade Players with another team

-cut him and use the money to sign a couple, or more, other better players.

OK...I read trade and thought you meant trade...I guess I was wrong.