The Old 'Cats Are Back

Congratulations to each and every member of the Tiger-Cat organization! It took a few games but this year's TiCats are now looking like the classic TiCats of the golden olden days of my youth and I loved every second of last night's game.

Lumsden, Moreno, Anderson, Maas, Beveridge, Armour and everyone else on the team were looking like Mosca, Henley, Faloney, Barrow, Coffey, Zambiasi, Patterson and the other greats of our past.

In addition to speed, skill and strength, real TiCats have always exhibited heart and character and yes, they take lots of penalties, even 25 yard roughing penalties and get thrown out of games but they still win - despite or maybe even because of the penalties. These are Tiger-Cats, after all!

Thanks also need to go to Charlie Taaffe, Bob Young and the entire staff. For instance, "Black" Friday is an excellent new tradition and having a real, full-grown tiger go through the dressing room was genius.

Recently, it has looked like our current team viewed a few old films of the classic 'Cats and caught the spirit of the city and of the team.

Eat 'em raw, Cats!

You are so bang on. For the first time in several years it looked like the Cats of old where win or lose the opposing team was going to be hurtin after the game. Best Cat game in years, and i think they can and will continue to get even better.

As happy as I am that the Cats won, I prefer to wait a few more games before I come to any conclusions about where the team is going. One win doesn't change the fact that this team lost the first five games of the season, and there's nothing to suggest that the team can't revert to its former ways just because of what happened last night.

They played a very good game but it was just one game. Try and keep a sense of proportion here. It's a bit much to compare the current players to the list of HOFers and long-time Cats you mentioned about isn't it? I hope some of them do make it eventually but after just one game?

Zambiasi, Coffey, Henley, et al must be rolling their eyes. How do you think Ben would feel knowing that he was being compared to 1st year CFLer Moreno? Or Faloney being compared to Maas!!! etc. etc.

An Argo-Cat fan

moreno reminds me of zambiasi in his rookie year we can only hope.
i think zeke leads the league in tackles now i believe he had 12 last night

no zeke is one behind barren simpson

he is currently in second

Moreno reminds me more of Tiggle, frankly. Ben was WAY MORE fast.

That being said, Barney's point about premature beatification is bang on. It will take a long time before any of the current Cats will be on the same level as those greats.

Oski Wee Wee,

I've got to admit a day later I might have gone a bit overboard in my original, overly enthusiastic post to start this thread. Thanks for being so understanding and gentle with your criticisms.

You were quite right. I may have been doing a disservice to many men I've admired all my life. I hope not.

There was a time I attended each and every game, through the good years and the bad years but I live a long ways away from Hamilton now and I've been suffering alone in the Great White North for many years amongst very nice people who unfortunately don't follow football or worse, cheer for the Bombers. Winnipeg is a lot closer than any southern Ontario cities and besides, they feel little kinship with - nor love for - southern Ontario.

Still, even after ameliorating my original post, I swear I saw something of the old Tiger Cat magic in their spirit and skills in the victory over Winnipeg. 'Robbie' is an excellent symbol of this potential rebirth.

There are players like Lumsden, Moreno, Anderson and many others who seem to be natural inheritors of a grand tradition of winning, hard-nosed football - if they want it bad enough, each and every game.

Thanks for your responses and I'm glad I finally found this Forum. It's nice to be back with Ti-Cat fans.

Great Point. See even last year when we won our first game. None of us could seem very excited about the talent of the team. Its as if we all knew that they just were not going to get it together. This year however is different. We are all excited about the tremendous talent that this team has and we want to see it grow.

BF for the first time I have to disagree with one of your posts... Ben was not being compared TO Moreno, the poster merely stated that he looked like him in terms of his play/style.

People can be reminded of certain players of the past just by the play of a current player, Gretzky/Crosby for E.G.

I seriously doubt there was any slight on the players of great by mentioning a player of now because of his level of play.



Thank you for your post. I certainly hope there was no slight on the players of great because that was the furthest thing from my mind.

As I wrote, in addition to the speed, skill and strength of our current players, (common to pretty well all professional football players, including last year's team) I was especially impressed with the heart, character and 'serious intent' the 'Cats as a whole displayed for the Winnipeg game.

To be perfectly clear, I never meant a one-on-one comparison. In fact I heartily agree with BF - that would be silly at this point. Still, in the future, if they stay with the team, who knows?

Let's not get to excited. It's only one game. Let them win three or four in a row before annointing them Kings. This team will probably lose next week and could lose the next 3 0r 4. One step forward and two steps back.

Let's not get to excited. It's only one game. Let them win three or four in a row before annointing them Kings. This team will probably lose next week and could lose the next 3 0r 4. One step forward and two steps back.

Let’s not get to excited. It’s only one game. Let them win three or four in a row before annointing them Kings. This team will probably lose next week and could lose the next 3 0r 4. One step forward and two steps back.

alright everybody, before you start planning the grey cup parade...remember its ONE freakin win.

If you don’t like what people type then don’t read it and go back to the bomber forum. Who are you to come in here and mess up our fan pride?

I like the route we used last time. Ending with the rally at City Hall.

Do you have a tentative date? I need to make flight reservations well in advance.

It's going to be great - I don't think we are going to lose another game this year in addition:

  • Lumsden will win the rushing title - he'll break the CFL record for rushing in a season and a game. He'll be named Best player in the league and top Canadian.
  • Moreno will win top defensive player and set a record for most tackles.
  • Bauman will be top rookie.
  • Taafe coach of the year.
  • Robbie will be named best Mascot in the league.

This is starting to sound like a Leafs thread. :smiley:

Seriously, if the team continues to play the way they did on Friday, they will win a whole lot more games this season