The Oilers are in town during Grey Cup weekend!

Since my buddies and I are coming from out of town, we're definately going to try and get tickets to an Oilers game. They play twice during Grey Cup weekend. With the first overall draft pick, it'll be a great opportunity to get to watch either Hall or Seguin in action.

Thursday November 25th @ 7PM MT (9PM EST) Vs Colorado
Saturday November 27th @ 8PM MT (10pm EST) Vs San Jose

I remember last year in Calgary Chris Schultz rode on the Zamboni with the Grey Cup at a Flames game during the 1st period intermission and the rest of the TSN panel were there.

I’m thinking tickets will be a bit harder to come by this year with all the hype around Hall(or Seguin), but good luck finding some. :thup:

Good luck Oilers even signing either of those guys.

Great news! Adds yet another thing to do during Grey Cup week. Nothing like a weekend where you get to celebrate Canada’s 2 biggest sports. Can’t wait to check out the new look Oilers

Schultz knows as much about hockey as he does football- nothing! :lol: :lol:

good luck getting tickets. very difficult to get tickets for the Oilers.

you have to buy them when they are released for sale and you MUST buy right away or else forget it.

I dont pretend to know anything about how drafting works, but I thought if you are drafted to a team, you have to sign a contract with them.

It used to be that a team had 2 yrs to sign their draft picks-- if the team fails to sign them, they go back into the draft, not sure if that has changed or not with the current CBA

They'll have no problems signing their draft picks. It's not like the NFL where they get 50 million in guaranteed money right off the hop.