The officiating

I don't think you can blame Franklin, he is focusing on the ball, the defender is behind him and he's in good position, he is not expecting to get shoved to the ground before the ball gets there.

Great non-call. My faith in CFL officiating is actually being restored. When I saw a flag thrown after that play I was like 'are you kidding me, Franklin just went down like he was shot' and then they showed the replay and knew that they couldn't call that PI. At first I thought maybe it was a close call but after watching the replay a few times it wasn't even close.

I agree rlr. Let the players decide the outcome.

Franklin needed to get his head out of his azz and fight back to the ball. This appears to be one of things that is ailing the Bombers offense right now. Even guys like Armstrong and Edwards are just going threw the motions.

You guys are too good of a team to just give up on plays like that. I really like your receiving corps and I think you have some great players on defence. When they all come together and start playing like a team on the same night, their opponents better watch out.

For those people who become disillusioned with the league every time a Referee makes a call you don't agree with I have some bad news for you.
It is going to continue. It's going to continue in the NHL. It's going to continue in the NFL. And, yes, it's going to continue in the CFL.

They are games where the action happens fast and the decisions have to be just as fast. I would really hate to see video replay used on as many calls as some people advocate.

So in order to save yourself some grief. You may as well walk out now. Either that or get involved with officiating. That way you can bring them up to your level of competence.

Well as long as the most unbiased person who has ever posted on these forums thinks there was no foul, that is good enough for me....
That was text book pass interference. And if he does not push off, he does not make the interception either.
The comments about how Franklin went down like he was shot are just ridiculous.

Looked like PI to me, but I'm far from an expert. I do believe though that if Franklin had actually turned and made an attempt at the ball he probably would have gotten the call.


they need to completely overhaul the way they officate.
The biggest problem I see is that they copy exactly what they do in the NFL...
I say you get rid of the chalenge system all together and you stick a ref WHO CAN OVERRULE EVERYBODY... up in the play by play booth... It seems to me that it only takes the play by play guys about 15 second to figure out what exactly happened (except for the beginning of this year with the new catch rules)
This way....every single play would be reviewed ...and if something seemed off the Ref from the sky could yell down in ear pieces to the ref below to "Stall"
This way even bogus pass interfence calls could be avoided... It always takes about 20 seconds for them to make the call... and if the ref in the sky yelled down...that was not a penalty...then the ref on the field could save face by simply dropping his flag and saying no penalty....As for missed pass interfence calls....this would be much harder...because you would have to call a penalty 20-30 seconds after the play...
The ground refs could alter their calling by throwing a diferent colour flag if they ate unsure...basicly signaling the ref in the sky to make the decision.
BE unique CFL...your rules are...why can't your officating system be unique as well.

I urge you to watch the play again and watch Franklin's and Banks' feet. If you can tell me he does not trip, so be it. I am not saying there was no contact otherwise, there was. Although, what causes him to fall was the feet. If you have ever seen kids walking beside each other and the one kicks the other's leg into their own to trip them up as a joke. This is what happened. This is the reason Franklin fell so quickly from a little contact.

First of all, it is still pass intereference if the DB runs up the back of a guys legs, and or pushes him, regardless.
But on this play, the legs never touch, Full speed, slo mo, frame by frame--it doesn't happen. Franklin goes down because he is pushed. The DB makes the intereception because he pushes off.
It's a penalty. Or should have been.

If Banks was in a trail position and the legs get tangled it would be accidental PI by rule. IMO the Banks' foot accidentally kicking Franklin's foot into his own causes him to fall. We can agree to disagree on this one.

If you are in a trail position and the legs accidentally tangle, there is no foul. But you are not allowed to run through the other players position on the field. But you are watching a different play than I am anyway...

Taken from the 2008 CFL Rule Book. (you can access it through the “More” drop down menu on the home page)

Article 10: Interference By Both Teams After A Forward Pass Is Thrown
(a) Should the attempt to catch the pass take place in the offensive backfield, the
following shall apply:
(i) Interference by Team A is legal.
(ii) Interference by Team B against an eligible Team A receiver in an attempt to
catch the ball is a foul.
PENALTY: 1D to Team A, 10 yards in advance PLS
(b) Should the forward pass be thrown across the line of scrimmage, the following
shall apply:
(i) Eligible receivers of both teams have an equal right to the ball and are entitled
to the positions they occupy.
(ii) If an official deems a pass uncatchable and Team B has committed
pass interference, it shall be deemed pass interference on an uncatchable ball.
(See Rule 6, Section 4, Article 9 ©.)
(iii) Pass interference shall not be called if it occurs after the ball has been
touched by an eligible receiver of either team.
(iv) Inadvertent tripping by a player with equal position shall not be ruled as
b Tripping an opponent from behind shall be considered accidental pass
(vi) Screening (face guarding) of an opponent during an attempt to catch the
ball is pass interference.
(vii) It is pass interference by either team when a player physically restricts or
impedes an opponent in a manner that is visually evident and materially affects the
opponent’s opportunity to play the ball. A player who has gained position shall not
be considered to have impeded or restricted the opponent in a prohibited manner if
all such actions are a bona fide effort to go to and play the ball.
(viii) If opposing players are looking for the ball or if neither player is looking for
the ball and there is incidental contact in moving to the ball that does not materially
affect the route of an eligible player, there is no interference.
(ix) Any eligible receiver who makes contact, however severe, with one or more
eligible opponents while looking for and making a genuine attempt to catch or bat a
reachable ball will not be called for interference. It shall be ruled pass interference if
a player “goes through? an opponent during an attempt to play the ball.

You can have your opinion and I can have mine. To say that I am not looking at the same play as you is wrong. You don’t even know the rule.

Might want to check the rules on what constitutes "Pass Interference" or "Illegal contact on an eligible receiver"!

No way was that PI. Watched the replay 10 more times and the more I watch it, the less it looked like an infraction. Either which way, Franklin shouldn't have given up on the play.

this constance crying about reffing is more tiresome than repetitive attendance threads. sheesh.

As has been said so many times

Refs are human. It will never be perfect. Every team gets affected by bad calls over the season, over the yrs. It part of sports. Live with it, accept it, be mature and quit crying about it.

Refs are never out to get any specific team and those who make such claims really need to grow up adn get some brain cells and learn how to accept loses, even those they think shouldnt have happened.

Easy for Lions fans to say. Had the same call gone against B.C. you would hear the crying all the way to Newfoundland.

I don't cheer for either team and am thus unbaised in my view of the play. First, there is little doubt than any objective viewer would agree there was definately interference on the play. There is also little doubt in my mind the Bomber player embellished the contact which I think effected the refs decission. That being said there is no way anyone could say the call changed the outcome of the game or not. However it does taint the Lions victory somewhat.

nedbraden > you do realize that the rule you cited results in a 10 yard penalty, right? So on one hand you say there should not be a penalty and yet you cite a rule stating it is a penalty.

I said "if" Banks were in a trail position and tripped him up it would have been accidental PI

You want to talk about bad officiating, today in Regina two blown calls even after review.
The Sanches non TD on a clear fumble and Estelles non interception.