The officiating

I'm speechless. I don't usually like to complain but damn I'm mad right now. I actually wrote two paragraphs about it, but I've since calmed down and toned it down to this short couple of sentences. This is two weeks in a row that the Bombers have been ripped off by the officials IMO (though last week we would have been blown out anyway). Anyway I'm quite pissed off and disillusioned with the CFL in general right now. I'll leave it at that.

ya that was complete BS but id ont think it ended up mattering anyway...

No it probably wouldn't have. We didn't deserve to win with our lackluster offense anyway, though I feel pretty sorry for the defense who played their hearts out on that field.

ya, i didn't see the whole thing but how many injuries? i saw 3 for sure for Winterpeg

It looks like one more injury (Kyle Koch) to our already devestated O-line (Khan, Picard and Sheridan are already out) as well as to Barrin Simpson who looks like he did some decent damage to his right arm.

There are probably a couple I'm forgetting too. I know Kerry Johnson hurt himself but I think he came back on a few plays later.

Hey and dont forget about the Toronto game. If this keeps up I doubt I will get season tickets again or even watch the CFL. They have to change something soon.

Yeah it was the refs who made Canada facemask that Lion, and caused all of those o-lineman to jump offsides. It was a call that could have went either way. Seeing it live, it looked like a penalty, but in the replay it looked like Franklin embellished the contact.

When did I say any of that?

I was at the game and being fair I think I'd go 50/50 It was a lil push but it could also been an attempt to draw the penalty, It looked milked a bit?????????not sure. As I have to pull for my team both teams had losses but played the best with what they had! someone had 2 win! The Bombers should hold high! It was almost thier game! I wish nothing but wins for them till we meet again!

Looked like PI from here, big time, big shove. Ref was right there too.

That so-called non-called pass interference penalty wasn't a penalty. The Lion db just barely touched the Wpg receiver and he goes on an extended tumbling exercise. Obviously he was embellishing the contact. If that was the NHL the receiver would got a two minute "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalty for his diving theatrics.

Wpg did not play well enough to win that game either way, and the Lions are rightfully triumphant once again! :rockin:

Personally, I DO think the faux pas mattered. Bombers score a TD and hold BC...Bombers win.

The league needs to make a proviso that when a play has a DIRECT effect on a scoring play, the play HAS to be reviewable. Give each team ONE opportunity per game when a play falls into this category!!

Both the Mr. and myself said immediately that far less obvious PI infractions have been called. For the refs to turn a blind eye to what we both felt was an obvious PI penalty was a huge blow to the Bombers, and a big mistake, in my opinion.

I'd have alot more respect for Lions fans if, instead of downplaying or defending things like what was obviously PI, they would simply say "I agree and it sucks but the call was made and nothing can be done about it." Only once or twice has that happened and on those occasions that I recall, the Lion fan saying that was ripped by other Lion fans for not supporting their team.

It was in fact a blatant penalty. And the fact that the DB was able to then make an interception solely due to his pushing off just makes the infraction worse. The single worst "non-call" of the year so far.
Did Winnipeg lose the game because of it? No. No team has ever lost a game due to one call, or play. They just didn't play well enough. But if a team ever did lose because of one play---this one was close.....!!!

At first I thought it was PI, but Franklin looked like he was snipered on the play. He fell like a ton of bricks. After watching the replay a couple times it is clear that Banks and Franklins feet get tangled. Franklin ends up tripping himself. Granted Banks did have a hand on him, but the feet getting tangled causes Franklin to fall. When this happens when the db and wr are side by side, there is no penalty. Good no call.

Great call!! Except for one minor detail. At no time during that play do the feet of the two players become entangled....

i didnt think it was pass interference.

banks played the ball the whole way, and made slight contact with franklin, who then dove like he'd been hit by a car....

i was happy to see that not called.

As a neutral observer, I don't think it was a foul.

That type of contact goes on every single play. The fact that Franklin was either soft enough to fall or deliberately wanted to draw a penalty shouldn't be enough reason for the ref to throw a flag.

Good non-call.