The officials really did a number on us tonight....

I'm not going to sit here and rip them apart and say they were biased against us or say that we always get screwed.....because that's not what I'm trying to get across and I honestly don't believe the CFL has some sort of conspiracy in place to screw over the Cats.

I think the officials generally do a good job considering the amount of money and time the CFL allocates for them to do their job properly.

That being said, the "missed" or "blown" calls tonight really affected the outcome of the game.

There were some questionable calls against the Ti-Cats throughout the night but what gets me more than anything was the non-calls on the BC Lions.

  1. Ummm, holding anyone? Take a look at the play in which the phantom interference call was made. the right side of the Lions line. That wasn't the only play I thought their O-line got away with murder.

  2. BC also could've been called for pass interference a few times.

  • The first and least obvious one was on Talman Gardner in the endzone in the first half. Sorry guys, but when Donte Marsh doesn't even look back for the ball and starts pulling down Gardner's hands before the ball is even there, that's pass interference. Watch the's pretty clear. That was 6 points otherwise. If Marsh had looked back for the ball then that changes everything....but he didn't.

  • Now obviously at this point the game was nearly over, but on the two-point conversion try, to I think Brock Ralph, that was pass interference 365 days a year on Kory Banks. How could that not be called?

So you don't call either of these and you're letting some things go....fine....but then don't make the call that you did make on Karikari! How in the world is that pass interference? Paris Jackson throws him out of the way and as Karikari turns around to recover he barely gets his hands around his waist? That's pass interference? Offensive pass interference maybe.

And the "Spearing" call on the play before this one was even worse. The refs don't blow the whistle.....Jarious Jackson continues to slide forward over the pile of players and Anderson comes in and tries to impede his progress and in no way spears him at all. That's 15 yards? Give me a break.

The worst part about this is the conflict the call created on the bench with Anderson after. Some of the team leaders, including Armour and others, got in his face about the penalty because they are trying to make players accountable for their actions. So obviously he did nothing wrong and things got heated when he snapped back. Heated to the point where Anderson gets bench for a series because of his actions and this obviously hurt his play for the rest of the game.

Why did this all happen? Because of a terrible call made by the officials. It was unfortunate for us that these mistakes made by the officials hurt us so bad.


I hope we didn't bang you guys up too bad. Otherwise, that "0" could start tallying pretty quickly.

Well besides almost paralyzing our go-to running back, we beat you with our second and third string QBs. I love you guys though. Talman Gardner for life.

Gotta love the class of a couple of Lions fans on these boards.

Have to agree Mr Black need talk to his Staff.
we got Jobbed..

It was Gardner who Banks was covering on the 2 pt convert. That was pretty obvious and wasn’t called. Thought Marsh played pretty good defense on Gardner on the TD attempt. The Karikari PI was as bad a call as I’ve seen as was the Anderson spearing call. TSN replayed it and you only hear the whistle after Anderson makes contact with Jackson. I put that one on the refs because we had stopped his forward progress and they didn’t blow the whistle. Then they make up that call. Horrible! Thought BC got a couple really good spots too that resulted in 1st downs.

No offence BC Lions guy....But you guys are 4-0..but the worst 4-0 football team I've seen in a while. And you have 2 gimp Qb's now, a gimp RB, Clermont has half a brain left after Armour's hit last night, and a gimp MLB. So the Lions are a bunch of GIMPS!!! You should have beaten us by 30 if you guys were that good....things are going to catch to you because that was the most unimpressive 4-0 team I've seen in a while.

your team is coming around Lumsden is going to be great you guys will get a playoff spot

I agree the spearing call was terrible. What is worse is that Armour, of all people, gets in Anderson's face about it. Not only was it unjustified to get in Anderson's face, because it was a bad call, Armour is hardly one to talk after the unneccessary roughness penalty he took early in the game - the guy was WAY out of bounds, it wasn't even borderline. I mean Armour played great apart from that, but if you're going to be a leader, then lead by example too.


The most one-sided call was the late PI on Richard KK … it looked like Paris Jackson that did the interfering

Even the Vanny radio guys … were shocked at that call

Hottie Lumsden … was awesome

Anderson spearing call. TSN replayed it and you only hear the whistle after Anderson makes contact with Jackson. I put that one on the refs because we had stopped his forward progress and they didn't blow the whistle.
You can't spear before a whistle either.

It was a good call...and a stupid penalty. Leading with the head will get you 15 yards every time.

Armour was justified in getting Anderson's face. He has taken too many selfish penalties eraly in his pro career. Good leadership by JoJuan. Hopefully Anderson learns from it. Coach Taafe obviously agreed as it was Anderson, not Armour, who sat out the next series.

Really I have never seen class come from a Lions fan, Even when they think they are being nice they do it with a chip on their shoulder.

Those Referees were ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. The calls were made for the sole purpose of getting BC some points and the lead.

It was never as blatant as it was last night. The Refs were trigger happy to say the least. They p!ssed off this old dude I was watching the game with, to the point where he had to get up and walk away (which is a daunting task on it's own).

In the NFL they have a weekly show where the senior Referee has to sit dow in front of a tv and a the show's host and explain ANY questionable call. I dare the CFL to try that!!!!

There has not been one game this season where you could say the Refs were good. They have officially affected every team in the CFL with their P!ss Poor Reffing.

How can you call it spearing when it was a shoulder to shoulder hit?

Those refs S.U.C.K. and they are proud of it.

Oh, yeah ,to avoid an argument on this topic . . . . . . If you disagree with me you are wrong.

hendy , the hit was with his shoulder. Nothing wrong with the hit.
Jojuan got in his face because at the time , he thought the call was correct. I’m sure Taffe thought so as well however after watching the film , both Taffe and Armour will be handing out sorries.

Thryllin, you are the one with a chip on your shoulder.

BTW I would have called the rough play as well. I was surprised at the TSN take on it to be frank and funnily enough even tho that was the turning point in the game it went largely ignored in the post game comments