The Official Free Agency Thread

Im really hopping for DA :thup:
come on Obbie give him the cash!

CFLdaily says Al's say things looking good in negotiations with DA.Lot's of teams pursuing Tisdale hard.Heffney resigned in WPG.Grrr.Time to hunt Jason Goss

Goss is an idiot and he bailed on us years ago.
If were stuck with him ill be pissed.

Too far from his home. No way he can play here.

Ramsay and Reid gone to the Esks!

[url=] ... eid-ramsay[/url]

Lefko's twitter update this morning says the Ticats are going after Cobourne, and Rey Williams and Francis (a DB) from the Riders. The fact that they are going after that DB makes me think they have given up on signing Tisdale.

Getting Rey Williams would likely mean bye bye to Otis Floyd.

I thought this tweet from the Stamps' Randy Chevrier was pretty funny:

[url=] ... 2271372288[/url]

"The fake @coach_huff is surprisingly quiet very early in free agency! C'mon guy! Make us better! I bet the fake Greg Marshall is workin now!"

If we lose Tisdale and don't sign Anderson, I'm going to be very worried about secondary. C'mon Obie get Tisdale back here!!!!

A few years ago we seemed to have the Saskatchewan "Tiger-Cats". This year we appear to have the Edmonton "Tiger-Cats" (Bauman, Ramsey and Reid... anyone else?)

Wasn't Tillman with the Riders back then and now he's with the Eskies?

Chris Thompson, Kamau Peterson, Jason Maas.

Of course you're correct. I was just struck by Eskie signings within the last few weeks. I wonder if there will be any more TiCats ---> Eskies.

Someone want to remind me again why I get excited about FA deadlines?

I’m starting to wonder the same thing, i’m pretty sure we’re the only team still yet to make a player trade/signing this off-season.Boorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg :roll:

Looks like we're losing all of our FAs and haven't signed anyone. I'm not a happy camper today

Drew tweets that the als have signed DA.Just great.Work those phones harder Obie, there's almost nobody left!!

Dwight Anderson signs with the Als. As if they needed anymore talent.

Apparently we never even made Dwight an offer. He'll fit right in with PI Cox Lefko is a complete moron (and I hope that doesn't get deleted). I'm so ticked off right now. I guess "active" doesn't mean what they think it means.

Well, the more we get shunned in FA, the more key things we'll have to trade to fill those voids.Loading up from the US is always a crapshoot.I mean we directly aimed to fix our secondary last year, brought in several DB's and our secondary still sucks mostly in part to Bo Smith