The Official Free Agency Thread

Have at 'er...

by jordan02 » 15 Feb, 2011 - 20:14

Looking more and more likely that Tisdale will remain in Hamilton and Anderson will stay in Calgary. I think we need an official free agency thread!

Shell re-signs with the blue team so I can go on hating him lol.

With Hefney and Shell gone, Anderson might decide to see what he can get on the FA market. I'd really like to see Tisdale stick around.

Blue team re-signs Shell for some where in the $110,000 range and Barker says 50/50 chance of Huntley re-signing.

Tisdale rumoured to have re-signed with Hamilton for $105,000

Hefney signs with Winnipeg for $120,000

Wayne Smith likely to sign with Hamilton (which would be a great signing if he can stay healthly)

Avon Cobourne wants to become the highest paid runningback in the league, but at 32 it’s unlikely to happen

Dwight Anderson seems to be between Calgary and Hamilton. (With us signing Tisdale i think that means he stays in Calgary).

Those are some early observations from twitter. Because we re-signed Tisdale, i’m okay with not getting Anderson. Having Bo Smith, Jykine Bradley and Will Heyward all battle it out for that corner spot in camp is okay with me.
I want Kevin Huntley more than any other FA’s but i think his price tag might be too high.

Wasn’t Shell the guy who spat at one of our guys last year?

I like Huntley as well and also Cobourne despite his age. Love the way that man runs with the ball.

any links to these??

[url=] ... -argonauts[/url]

He was accused of that, but he denied it: ... ts-player/

Anyway, it's after 12:01 now. I'm checking and, and Drew may post updates to his blog if there are any to post.

ti-cats just tweeted...OL George Hudson, WR Adam Nicolson, OL Brian Ramsay, DT Jermaine Reid, FB Steve Schmidt & DB Geoff Tisdale are now free agents.

Looks like we won’t be getting Huntley.

Perry Lefko Tweets Hamilton may be opening the vault to land Coburne, this i've gotta see :lol:

Perry lefko seems to think the cats are opening the vault for Avon Cobourne
We can only pray


Instant fix to the running game adding a top 3 RB to your roster.

I see.

But of course, this is coming from Lefko, so I don't know if we can take this too seriously.

And Drew made a good point here:

I just can't see Obie shelling out the dollars it would take to land Cobourne, who will be 32 in March. Plucking running backs from obscurity has been the recent CFL trend (see Boyd, Cory.)
[url=] ... ht-do.html[/url]

We should go for Yvenson Bernard, I feel he is a highly under rated player and will come much cheaper than Cobourne as well as being much younger.

The #Eskimos are very close with #Ticats OL Brian Ramsay, whom they've identified as a priority for the last few weeks.

Good point.

I'm not sure if much more will be reported or tweeted tonight. I expect there to be more posts here tomorrow, though.

Well, there are these tweets:

Lions have made offers to OT Ben Archibald, DT Jermaine Reid, DT Eric Taylor
Just heard from Dwight Anderson's agent, Darren Gill, that the #Alouettes are now an option for the veteran corner's services...

at first i liked this…going after Coburne…but after some thought, i think Cobb picked up his game towards the end of the season, and rushed was a 1000 yrd rusher…also the the cats have been good in finding RBs over the last few seasons…i dont think its an area that needs to be addressed…i think that we should address defensively first…defense wins championships…

Ramsay to the Eskimo's, we don't owe the Arblow's another pick now.