The "official" take on our win

Here it is folks. I think it should be obvious to all that the "bummers" show disrespect to our Cats by the very title of this piece. THEY DIDN'T HAND US THE VICTORY, WE EARNED IT. On a lighter note, shouldn't Jesse have received a birthday Prime Minister (being Canadian, rather than a birthday President? Discuss at your leisure.

Bombers hand Hamilton their first win of the year

By: Sean Best

Call it Scott Mitchell making good on his guarantee that Hamilton would win. Call it Jesse Lumsden’s 25th birthday president. Call it karma for Winnipeg attempting to run up the score last week or a successful black out as first 20,000 fans that entered Ivor Wynne Stadium Friday night received a free black foam hammer to help cheer on the Ticats. In the end, you can call it a humbling loss for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at the hands of the last place, Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Winnipeg lost 43-22 Friday night in the rematch of last weeks game, when Winnipeg attempted a last second 50 yard field goal while already winning 36-18.

Winnipeg remains in first place in the East however, while Hamilton remains in last. The season series between the two teams is now tied at one game apiece, with two more games still to be played.

Hamilton showed a sign of what was to come in the opening drive, sacking Kevin Glenn on their first possession, but Glenn responded on the next play throwing a 33 yard touchdown pass to Milt Stegall, his fourth of the season and 140th of his career.

But the Tabbies answered right back on the following possession, when Jason Maas handed off to Jesse Lumdsen to took off for a 69 yard touchdown run, tying the game at seven points a piece.

Winnipeg came back right away, driving the ball to the Hamilton 22 yard line, before Troy Westwood missed left on a 22 yard chip shot, making the score 8-7 Winnipeg.

After scoring points on each of the first thee possessions of the game, both the Bombers and Ti-Cats punted on their next four possessions.

Early in the second quarter, Hamilton drove 92 yards and capped it off with a five yard touchdown pass from Maas to Brock Ralph, to give Hamilton a 14-8 lead.

Winnipeg and Hamilton each punted on their next respective possessions. Later in the quarter, Delgardo intercepted Glenn on a pass intended for Terrence Edwards, but a roughing the passer penalty nullified the interception and gave the Bombers an extra 15 yards and a first down. In the following play, a botched hand off to Stegall ended in a fumble, which McKay-Loescher recovered. Hamilton would later punt.

A few plays later, Hamilton looked as if they were going to get another touchdown, when Baron Simpson sacked Jason Maas for a 10 yard loss, setting up a missed 40 yard Nick Setta field goal, attempt.

Troy Westwood attempted a 47-yard field goal at the end of the first half, but was unsuccessful in the attempt. The score was 15-8 Hamilton at the half.

Early in the third quarter, a 30-yard catch by Gardner, set up a 5 yard touchdown catch by Jo Jo Walker to give Hamilton a 22-8 lead.

Then, Winnipeg drove down the field, and, after three straight Charles Roberts runs for a total of 36 yards, Derrick Armstrong caught a 13 yard pass to bring the Bombers to within a touchdown, 22-15 Hamilton.

Shortly afterwards, Hamilton scored another touchdown when Nate Curry stretched out and made a diving over the shoulder 13 yard touchdown catch to give Hamilton a 29-15 lead.

Later, a black mark on the game occurred, when Glenn completed a pass to Jamie Stoddard. After Dwight Anderson stopped his forward progress. After the whistles blew the play dead, Anderson continued pushing Stoddard and supplexed him to the ground, well after the whistles had blown. Hamilton was assessed a 25 yard penalty, and Anderson was disqualified from the game. Winnipeg was unable to capitalize, being forced to settle for another missed Westwood field goal.

An interesting play happened afterwards. The football popped out of the hands of Jason Mass, which was caught by Jerome Davis, who then attempted a lateral, which was intercepted by Kyries Hebert. Hamilton challenged, and Davis was ruled down by contact, so Hamilton kept the ball.

After a Hamilton punt, Winnipeg was able to drive down to set up a Westwood field goal. But Jesse Lumsden spoiled the good news of Westwood’s first field goal of the game, bettering his earlier 69-yard touchdown run with a 75-yard touchdown run. 36-19 Hamilton.

With the game already out of hand for Winnipeg, Glenn completed a 12 yard pass to Edwards who fumbled on the Hamilton 48. The ball was recovered by Armour who took it back for a touchdown to set the game completely out of reach for Winnipeg. Troy Westwood would later add another field goal, to make the final score 43-22.

The Bomber’s next game is Friday August 10th at 9:30, as they travel to B.C to take on the Lions.

Game Notes

• Jesse Lumsden ran for 211 yards and two touchdowns
• Milt Stegall caught his CFL record 140th touchdown
• Troy Westwood went 2/5 with two extra point conversions
• Nautyn McKay - Loescher had two sacks and a fumble recovery
• Zeke Moreno had finished the game with 12 tackles
• Winnipeg committed three turnovers. Hamilton had none.
• Charles Roberts rushed for 95 yards, and had eight catches for 62 yards.

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Maybe that is what he thinks he means by "Bombers hand Hamilton their first win of the year".

Although watching the game through my Black and Gold glasses, the Ti-Cats forced those turnovers.

All that matters in the end is who got the 'W'.

An Argo-Cat fan

Interesting to note that nothing was said about Hebert's (I think) cheap shot on Cheron near the end of the game. He should have been tossed as well.

i agree with sigpig

hebert came and charged at pascal hard enough to knock him to the ground

he should have been tossed

I agree as well. Just because a game is coming to an end shouldn't mean that its okay to take these cheap shots, even if the team committing the infraction has to suffer a penalty in their next game OR a fine could be imposed to the offending player(s).