The Official Share Your Feelings at this Point Thread

I feel like letting the door hit me on the way out.

like someone has hit me in the nuts with a hammer


This whole situation lets me know what it`s like to be a Leaf fan and have no hope.

With apologies to all Leaf fans

My question is who the HELL is gonna play MLB on Saturday night or are we just gonna forfeit the game ??

So much for Obie being a smart GM. How do we keep ending up with these dummies.

i say forfeit

anthony will play mlb, botteril could get a shot as well. wonder if siskowic will come off the practice roster

Not me

I just got the call from OBie and I`m refusing to go.

I figured it would be Anthony He cant do any worse than he did at DE . Things like this ALWAYS seem to happen in Hamilton !!!!

It really sucks getting old. sobbb

I wanna be young, waahhhhhh

When I was young, my name was Bob.

I wanna be Bob young again.

Oh God it hurts not to be able to play ball again, :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I just feel so old, sigh

But I feel much better now, thanks.

Its a troubling feeling being a Ticat fan and a Leaf fan.

I only hope Jimmy Ballzy can rope a team into Copps.

At least then I'll have something to cheer about after a 4-14 Cat season.

8) John Salavantis was on the Fan this morning and his answer to that question was, probably Mike Botterill !!

I don`t want to be smart here but what makes you think these guys can win 2 more games.

Thankfully I love football, period. The customary "WTF?" routine I have to go through watching this team flounder with annually doesn't sting so much when I can appreciate good football either at the pro or collegiate level elsewhere.

I'm a Raider fan in the NFL, so it has been quite the derangement over the last few years! LOL

Stephen Brunt's article correctly identifies the recipe that has traditionally worked the best for successful organizations. It still points to this being at best a medium-term proposition at best.

I'm sad that the great fans of this franchise are left disillusioned yet again.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) You don't have to apologise to them at all. :lol:

I feel a little like I did when I first heard that Dunigan had retired (the first time) to try out for the Expos. At first I was sure the person who told me was just yanking my chain.

Of course as a Ticat fan, I viewed that as good news at the time, but the level of disbelief was similar to the current situation.

Morose... apoplectic... dejected... these all apply...

I was shcoked they would trade Zeke at all, let alone for a guy who was mulling retirement over Hamilton (that's just insulting and unprofessional).

But to trade Zeke for picks and hope. Obie had better be psychic or something and have a pretty goddamned good read on next year's draft, or this has actually become the worst trade I've ever heard of.

Hell, even a disgruntled nut job like Canada is better than... wait for it... NOTHING, because that is what we have to show for the best MLB in the country...

So the more I think about it... infuriated.

Unfortunately...I wasn't even referring to this season.

One word.



I don't know what hurts more; hearing that Russ is a Raider's fan (go Chiefs!)or the feeling in my gut that this franchise is finished.