The Official "mr62cats vs. The World" thread (Get your hate-on for Hank!)

Here you go.

Now can the rest of us talk about Simonis pending suspension, head shots in the CFL and how much some of us hate Henry Burris?


Do you think the league is deliberately dragging its feet on Simonis appeal so he doesn’t get the more convenient schedule of suspension? (I.e. 2 games against Al’s and return for Stamps).

Great idea??

Not really. I read that it was due to scheduling conflicts that it was put off until July. The date was a mutual agreement between the league and CFLPA.

The thread title is misleading. There was actually about half a dozen other posters you could have added with Count Floyd.

The thread should be renamed:

Mr62cats vs. The World. ;D

How’s that

LOL .I hear ya Krisiun . In fact being as I was the one who supposedly hijacked the thread in the first place and was labelled as the head culprit (along with my merry band of clowns) I have to say that I’m more than just a little bit hurt that I wasn’t even mentioned in the thread title . :’( ;D

And now for today’s lesson…

For all you kids out there just remember one thing , there is only two types of opinions in this world…Mr62cats opinion (which is apparently the only opinion that matters) and of course the wrong opinion…Which would be everybody else’s . :wink:

Wonderful game last night, No Tiger Cat was arrested by the league for headbutting or drinking milk prior to half time.

Now, in order to avoid being labelled a lone dissenter, I will no longer post on this board until sun-up Monday

The zebras missed the punch in the head thrown by the Allwet player on a punt return. The ref was standing right there.

Every thread and topic is going to attract differing views and the “bickering” that goes along with it. People will bicker within the thread that inspired the differing views. Trying to direct that to a dedicated thread for bickering is silly.

On topic bickering is expected. The title of the thread is "OFF TOPIC BICKERING", it is a place to discuss the their, there, and they’re and other similar junk

The idea is noble, but it’s not going gain traction. You need the spark to ignite the disagreement in the’parent’ thread.

No one’s going to think of a gripe and post it in this random thread hoping someone will show up to argue with them.

The joke flew so far over your head it could be the fly by at the next game.

After multiple members asked the offending parties to let it go and two members actually said they needed a break from it, the bickering that had zero to do without football continued.

The joke was, if you need a dedicated place to take the bickering, here you go.

That was delivered by Logan on Shorthill after Shorthill dragged him out of bounds on his return - just doing his job legally! I guess Logan took exception to the way he was taken down. He should have been penalized but may well end up in the list of players fined later this week for his “tourist hit”!

why is it that it is mostly just ticat fans who diss Burris so much. Most of the rest of us know that he is a really nice guy.

please kindly define “the rest of us” who is this rest of us that you talk about ? Also kindly explain how exactly you know that he is really a nice guy ?

Rest of us is fans who may (in my case) or may not cheer for theticats, but not as NO 1 team. You know, the more objective fans

I know he is nice because he is nice because his family loves him and Dunigan likes him.

Maybe because Burris quit on his team in the 2013 Grey Cup… so not only just Ticat fans but Ticat teammates diss Burris so much.

how exactly did he QUIT on the team?

Ahh Haha, I don’t think I was involved in the other thread do wasn’t aware.