The Official Mock Draft Thread

As a result of Justin Dunk posting his, in which he suggests that the Redblacks would select...

1. Alex Mateas, OL, UCONN: Ottawa continues to build along the offensive line with a local product that could play right away.
Although he also mentions at the #4 spot (Montreal's pick):
4. Lemar Durant, REC, Simon Fraser: Durant could easily be a first overall type pick in the CFL Draft. Prospects like him at the receiver position don’t come around too often.
I certainly wouldn't critisize any acquisition along the line, and of course this is all thought out with free agency yet to happen, but I admit that since OL's are so plentiful, I think I'd just as soon go with a receiver or safety if one is a true standout by then. OL is a need, but so is receiver and there are more of the former, so...

Well first you have to wait and see who the NFL grabs. Durant, Mateas and Boyko are all very likely to at least get a FA contract with an NFL team. Boyko is projected as a mid rounder. If those 2 OL are removed there is a very good chance that by the second round there won't be any blue chip offensive linesmen to pick.

IMO an expansion team should build its offensive line before anything else. These guys have the longest careers, they are the least likely to get injured. Look at Toronto and Winnipeg who took some small RB and DB with their first round pick and see them go down to potentially career ending injuries before they even made it out of camp. If Mateas is there and hasn't signed and NFL deal how can you not grab a local guy that's only scratched his potential and is already able or close to being able to start for you ???

Ottawa made the right move in last years draft. Knowing they had a #1 pick from the 2013 draft coming on the Oline. They traded down and got a DB in Pruneau. The attempt also was to add an expereinced center in Gott.

Time will tell if it was the right move. Mateas has tackle material written all over him, he's from Ottawa, he's a gym rat which means assured progression. IOT is the #1 NI commodity in the CFL. If he is likely to be in Ottawa this year. You take that. He can play a year at guard and move to tackle in a year or two. If the NFL does not sign him. There is no way in god's green earth that Mateas is available at #10 but I can assure you that one of Richards, Durant, Demski, Harty will be.

This is a deep, deep draft. Take the blue chipper at 1 if available. Not to mention that you can get a Giguere, Sinopoli or Watts in free agency, you can't get an OT more than once a decade and you have to pay through the NOSE.

Well, right, everything is being said "all things remaining equal".

And generally speaking, I agree with the mentality of building the OL first. But there are a lot more options there than there are at certain other position. Ottawa can still probably get a good OL player at #10. Looking at the curernt Scouting Bureau list, 6 of the top 10 are linemen, but only two receivers.

Something about Matteas...I might be getting my players mixed up, but I could have sworn that at some point he'd left school because of a back problem. Now obviously he's played plenty since, but that worries me a bit. There are some injuries I'd be reluctant to mess with.

Edit: Bah, I should have read ahead. You pretty much replied to me before I even started this post.

TSN article on Mateas.

For Alex Mateas, the road to becoming the No. 2 prospect in the Canadian Football League wasn't a long one - in terms of playing football, anyway.

The Ottawa native only played the game since tenth grade and it was something that he had to initially get pushed into.

"I got into football - like a lot of people growing up, I was playing basketball under Rob Smart," Mateas told TSN this week. "He was coaching us and it was in a tournament between games that he said I might be able to do something with football.

So it was then that I took the advice seriously and I played high school and then club. I just enjoyed it (and) things kept on rolling."

Despite his lack of experience, Mateas found that his athletic background in sports like judo (which he practiced for seven years), soccer (his father Traian is a long time coach) and Olympic weightlifting were instrumental to succeeding at NCAA football.

"I really had a lot of faith in my athletic ability from playing all sports," he explained. "So I've pretty much been lucky from playing all the sports I've had. Every place that I played I had really good coaches and had the good foundation to be an athlete."

Mateas also enjoyed success in weightlifting, making it to the Canadian Junior Nationals. He fell in love with the sport and the training methods he used in it. He was a redshirt freshman at Penn State in 2010, but decided to transfer to Connecticut after one season. One of the reasons for his leaving - his love of weightlifting.

"The training they do there is just different with a lot of machines and high intensity training," he said. "I got a lot bigger but it just wasn't necessarily the training that I liked.

"So I came to Connecticut - I had previous connections here, John Delahunt (who now plays for the Ottawa Redblacks) was there and I liked the offensive line coach so between that and the weightlifting program I thought that was best for me, that along with playing centre."

After sitting out the 2011 season, Mateas finally got back onto the field in 2012, starting four games for the Huskies and appearing in eight games. There was a big transition going into Division I football given his lack of experience, but he weathered the storm thinking it would all work out.

"It was good," he said. "It was a learning experience - pretty much like anything - and it taught me that everyone's pretty much even and you just got to go out there, give it your all and have faith in what you've put in before.

"(You keep) adapting to the speed and kind of learning the game, the line of scrimmage, playing centre and you just keep on working and things work out."

Mateas started the last two seasons at Connecticut and was named a captain in his senior season. According to TSN's CFL Draft Analyst Duane Forde, Mateas is considered the one of the most pro-ready prospects in this year's Draft. His success has also garnered NFL interest. But no matter which league he plays, Mateas just wants to advance to the next level.

"I am going to try and do as much as I can in whatever road it takes me to I'm happy," he said. "You know, if I'm playing down there (in the NFL) - great. if I'm playing up here (in the CFL) - fantastic.

"Either way I am playing football and you get paid," he added with a laugh.

Interest from NFL teams will weigh on any CFL team (including his hometown Redblacks), as will his choice not to attend the CFL Combine (March 21-23) - an event teams consider vital to vetting potential draft picks. He's decided to participate in Connecticut's football pro day instead.

"I would definitely like to take the situation that will give me the best numbers for a pro day," Mateas said. "But also creating a relationship with the teams and letting them know what they would be investing in me by taking me in terms of interviews, I would like to take any opportunity to be able to do that because I know that's part of the CFL Combine."

Maybe something to keep an eye on this weekend:

STORRS, Conn. - University of Connecticut senior center Alex Mateas (Ottawa, Ont.) has been named to play in the College Gridiron Showcase all-star game on January 31 at Maverick Stadium on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington.

The head coaches in the game will be former Dallas Cowboy Doug Cosbie, who played at Santa Clara, and then went on to a Pro Bowl career in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, and Marcus Dupree, an All-American at Oklahoma, who played in both the NFL and USFL.

Mateas started 29 games over three years for the Huskies at center, including all 12 games in 2013 and '14. He served as one of UConn's four captains this past season.

He is the second Husky to be named to an all-star game roster this winter as senior wide receiver Geremy Davis (Lawrenceville, Ga.) will play in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl all-star game this Saturday. The game will be played at the StubHub Center on the campus of Cal State-Dominguez Hills in Carson, Calif. Gametime is 4 p.m. on ESPN2.

Calgary Sun's Scott Mitchell:

[url=] ... draft-1-0/[/url]

1:1 — Ottawa RedBlacks – OL Alex Mateas, UConn
It’s morphed from redshirt-juniors into seniors, but welcome back to the CFL Draft, NCAA standouts. Mateas is a 6-foot-4, 309-lb. Ottawa product who was a three-year starter at centre, but could also play guard in the pros. As with many of the top O-linemen, the NFL is paying close attention, which is something to monitor.


2:10 — Ottawa RedBlacks – SB Addison Richards, Regina
They signed Brad Sinopoli away from the Stampeders this off-season, and Richards would provide depth at that spot. Listed at 6-foot-5, 209 lb. on the East-West Shrine Game roster, he’s similar to Sinopoli.

Ottawa doesn't have a 3rd round pick.

Scott Mitchell updates his mock draft:

1:1 — Ottawa RedBlacks – OL Alex Mateas, UConn It’s morphed from redshirt-juniors into seniors, but welcome back to the CFL Draft, NCAA standouts. Mateas is a 6-foot-4, 309-lb. Ottawa product who was a three-year starter at centre, but could also play guard in the pros. As with many of the top O-linemen, the NFL is paying close attention, which is something to monitor.

2:10 — Ottawa RedBlacks – RB Shaquille Murray-Lawrence, UNLV
The longest name (23 letters) in UNLV school history ran for 552 yards and nine touchdowns on 117 carries for the Runnin’ Rebels as a senior. The 5-foot-8, 200-pounder then ripped off a 4.41s 40-yard dash at the Combine. Rick Campbell would love nothing more than to emulate the Stampeders’ ratio success.
PICK CHANGE: SB Addison Richards

This thread would really be better if Ottawa wasn't picking first and their pick so seemingly obvious.. :wink:

So here's one for you: What do you WANT with the top pick in the 2nd round? Not what you think they'll but what you do think they should target?

Will be interesting to see if they trade the top pick away and getting the player they thought was the best player in the draft. I would say Pruneau was the best National rookie last season. They did not draft an Olineman until the 4th round. They had used both the 2013 draft of red shirt Juniors and expansion draft to gather most of their O and D line for last year. depending on wat happens in the NFL draft and post rookie FA signings. I wonder if they see a player like Ackie or Shaq Murray as a more skill type player with so so many Olineman in this draft.

I would take an “O” lineman in each of the first two rounds. I think they are set a Canadian receivers.

Some interesting comments here on 3downnation, does Ottawa trade away their first pick? Do they risk taking Alex Mataes who will go to an NFL mini camp? or do they go after Danny Groulx?

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Can someone tell the Giants to stop messing with our draft preparation? OK, thanks.

Listening to Desjardins the last couple months. I think their decision on who they plan to draft has been made a while ago.

I think they go with 2 OL or 1 OL and 1 DB with their first two picks then go with best available ST prospect the rest of the way.

They have to stock up on the OL, the OL was a weak spot last year and Burris needs that extra second. Now he has some great receivers to throw to and Chevon out of the backfield, he needs better protection.

Latest mock

After going with local talent Alex Mateas first overall in the previous mock, Danny Groulx has moved up to the first overall slot ahead of Calgary's Sukh Chungh going second to Winnipeg.
I actually started to wonder whether this was the way the wind was blowing. It just seems as though I'm seeing Groulx's name come up a bit more often lately.

Either / or :thup:

Matteas is younger, local, better college pedigree and is physically much stronger. Someone keeps propping up Groux in the media and I dont' know why.

And there was a picture of Matteas on Twitter recently working out with one of the DLinemen (I believe Connor Williams).

Unless Matteas is getting more NFL interest and that's making the team gun shy. I hope like hell that it's not a matter of giving a guy a break because he's French-speaking. :roll:

Come on now. Don't go dumpster diving :wink: Mateas is an Ottawa Boy, born and raise.