The Official "Grey Cup Week" thread...

So, 7 days and we have another Grey Cup! in Montreal :slight_smile:

write in here to express your thoughts and feelings and ideas regarding the week,

for anyone who's there and can come on this site, tell us what you've been to! where you were.. who you saw! etc.

let's make this thread huge! and have it last all week!!


Mrs MadJack and I will arrive in Montreal on Thursday afternoon.........I'll bring along my not-so-trusty laptop, and try to post anything interesting.......which means I'll not post about the time Mrs MadJack spends shoe shopping.............

For those who don't know, Mrs MadJack is filipina, and has this "thing" for isn't just Imelda, it's a national trait it seems.

I can't Wait. I get in to Montreal at 1:30 am Thursday.

I love Grey Cup, favorite Weekend of the year.

Will be leaving early Thursday morning by car, wife has plans already made up, she used to live there and has family but I told her we are going to the Village at least one night to get hammered!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I leave Thursday on the Train, Arrive in Montreal around 3 i think

I'm a Stamps fan so it's GO STAMPS!!!!!!

That being said, I just want to see a real good game, no lop sided affairs just good football.

My prediction: Calgary by 6

I did some digging and found this great stat. this was the Odds on this years CFL season.
2008 Grey Cup Futures
Toronto Argonauts +235
B.C. Lions +350
Calgary Stampeders +450
Winnipeg Blue Bombers +525
Saskatchewan Roughriders +700
Edmonton Eskimos +1000
Hamilton Tiger-Cats +1050
Montreal Alouettes +1100

Really Toronto? Really lol

Ouch. The Als were placed behind the Ti-Cats. That's cold... :lol:

If you're going to the game/festivities or thinking about it, then join our group on Facebook

Mrs. MadJack and I arrived here at noon; we're at the Marriott Chateau Champlain.

Met and had a nice chat with Eric Tillman, who happened to be in the same bar for lunch as we were.......he was dining with Gil Scott.

Later on met Kerry Joseph, Angleo Mosca, and my personal highlight of the day, meeting CFL great Prince Hal Patterson...nice chat with all, we'll have great pics to post upon our return.

Cant you post them now? or are you using GASP! film? :wink:

Hey, I still use film... :twisted: Boo to MadJack. I wanna rub elbows with the great! :smiley:

No film, the camera's digital, but I can't download the pics into this antiquated laptop, they'll have to wait until I return home. Sorry!!

Well this morning we met (and chatted with, and got pictures with), Pinball Clemons and Matt Dunigan (who vehemently denies, by the way, that rumour about him leaving TSN for a coaching position...he specifically told me to pass that on). Also met Dunigan's parents.

Rest of the day was spent tagging along with Mrs MadJack while she went shopping............which, on a scale of enjoyment for me, ranks right there with being in a dark, locked room, reading back issues of Popular Mechanics Magazine. Oh well, the price one has to pay, I suppose.....

Tonight going to the TigerCats~Roughriders party.

Wear a flak jacket and a Helmet! Just had to say that. Have funny both those teams fan know how to party.

It looks like Calgary's gonna be wearing their awful black jerseys.

I would hardly call them aweful :roll:

Maybe the Argo's would lend em their purty powder blue ones.

Those black ones of Calgary's are better only than Winnipeg's third jerseys...but are very close to the Toronto powder blue ones of which you speak...

LOL, like I would expect YOU to like them.