The Official Forum Is its design being changed

I have heard that The Forum, in its present format is being changed? The most important change that is needed for this section of CFL.CA is the creation of a Forum that will allow statistical information to more easily be processed.The present design makes it very difficult to use statistical information of a comparative nature.
To do minimal stats work, we need a system that enables one to have both a vertical and horizontal axis that is, one is able to list one set of figures up and, down and, across the page. I have attempted to list, for example, some items such, as players names, vertical while listing items such as- interceptions, sacks, STT etc, on a horizontal axis. If this Forum could be drafted in such a manner, it would encourage us members to do some basic evaluations. I do hope that whom ever group has this task, it include someone who has a good knowledge of statistics. I am going present my comments to a moderator- perhaps others might do the same.

I am sure if this is happening, it will take a long time with lots of bugs that will take a long time to fix and a number of bugs that will never be fixed right.

You mean it'll work this time?

So is this just a rumour or is there some basis for it ? This forum could use a renovation and update to say the least. An update as you state is long overdue.

Something wrong with living like it’s 2005? :twisted: is powered by Windows 95 and is saved in a series of floppy disks

What is this Windows 95 of which you speak? My 86DOS operating system knows it not.

What the heck are you talking about? The best OS is C64 GeOS, it's been really hard though to dial up to Quantum Link though.

its probably going to be a high school project that doesn't get finished.

I know I did two project in industry in college. One we surprised them by finishing, and the other one we made so much progress on that they paid us to finish it. So, my personal experience says that school projects in industry rarely get finish to any quality.

J'espère que si le forum est changé, les forums de chaque équipe seront maintenus. Je ne verrais pas d'un bon oeil que toutes les rubriques soient mélangées et qu'on doive chercher sans cesse les rubriques sur lesquelles on veut intervenir dans le flot de rubriques qui serait alors affiché.

To be serious for a moment, I would think that it would be a given that there will be separate team sections. I think before they went through the upgrade in 2005, they had the same set up with the old board.

But honestly, I think the chances of there actually being an update to the forum is on par with the prospect of the Shreveport Pirates returning to the CFL…

Why don't you believe the forum will be updated? You don't think MRX can do a good redesign?

I'm sure they could if they want to put in any time and effort into it. I just don't believe they will even bother. It's been 10 years since the last upgrade, so they've had plenty of time and opportunity to do another one.

why would they do a new one when they haven't finished making this one work right

As long as they don't go to Facebook as a commenting platform for also this forum, I think it will work out okay. But I see no issues with this forum now after more than five years here.

Fix your damn piece of crap Game Tracker first folks.

They don't even have the standings right. Still showing 2014.. Like seriously? Who's sleeping on the job?