The Official Contraction Thread

Considering we have expansion threads out of the wazoo, it's only appropiate, in light of Mark Cohon's letter to the city of Hamilton, it's time we took the idea of contraction and run with it...

First Mark Cohon's letter...

And now some of the reaction...

Has Mark Cohon, Bob Young and Scott Mitchell just turned the Ticats into a lame duck franchise?

Has a little bit of success turned Mark Cohon into Gary Bettman?

Are we on the road to a 7 team league? Stay tuned....

I like Mr Cohon, but in my opinion, he was wrong to send the letter.

Not really, contraction, Bob will just move the team to another city.

I loved the letter btw, good work Mr. Commish.

Good on Mr. Cohon for telling it like it is.

Riiiiight, play in a parking lot in Oakville? A 10,000 seat stadium in Moncton? Try again, there is no where for them to move to....

Except for the fact that it's all B.S., none of what Cohon is said is true. The most likely reason he even said it, is because of the one-sided garbage being fed him by Young and Mitchell.

The following letter sent to the City of Hamilton by Cohen is highly inappropriate:

The unmitigated gaul of the Commissioner to weigh in on this issue of municipal politics is absolutely mind boggling. CFL fans across the country should know that the Hamilton West Harbour site was decided on because it meets city building criteria for the city and because it meets the criteria of the Pan-Am committee for easy access within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Cohen is now blackmailing the people of Hamilton to commit to a stadium site that hasn't even been studied for feasibility.

The fact is that the West Harbour site, albeit not perfect, is the best location from a civic building perspective. It allows for the remediation of a brown field site, and has the best multi modal access (rail, walking, city roads, highways, and buses). Furthermore, it is located close to downtown amenities such as nature trails, shops, hotels, and restaurants.

With all the rhetoric flying around the Ticat and CFL offices, the opposition to the West Harbour site boils down to one thing: remote location with lots of parking. The Ticats want a location that leaves people with no choice but to drive so that they can charge for parking spots that taxpayers are paying to build. How is that a good business model? This is corporate welfare.

I am a long time Tiger Cat fan, but my city of Hamilton comes first. If you say East Mountain or else, then be prepared to have your bluff called. The CFL needs Hamilton a lot more than Hamilton needs the CFL. Mr. Cohen and Mr. Young, if you want to leave, be my guest. I'll even help you pack.

I kind of liked the letter, and I think Cohon has a right to speak up. After all, as Commish, he represents the league, so if this West Harbour site isn't good (I don't know if it is or isn't), then he should speak up. Hamilton is one of the oldest franchises, and I'd hate to lose it. And I'd hate to see it relocated. I don't want the CFL to become like the NBA, where they shift franchises every few years.

I know nothing about the proposed stadium locations. I know nothing about the geography of Hamilton. I know nothing of the stadium requirements of either the Ti-Cats or the Pan Am Games.

My wife would say I know nothing about anything.

But I do know this... it is much easier to lure flies with honey than with vinegar.

I think it was a good idea for Mr. Cohon to offer his support for one of his league's storied franchises. But his tone was atrocious. Hamilton is a city, with its own needs and and its own will. It is run by adults, who are capable of weighing alternatives and making decisions. Mr. Cohon's letter displays a paternalistic attitude, and could very easily backfire against him, and may end up hurting the Ti-Cats support in the community, as well.

I think it unfortunate that he took a good idea and screwed it up in this way.

Basically, IMHO, he may be at the end of an 80 yard kick return, and fumbling the ball at the goal line.

Thanks to the above for your comments. If you are interested in reading about the reasons why the West Harbour was chosen and why progressive people in Hamilton want the stadium there, go to
Municipal politics may be boring to alot of people, but there is alot riding on this for a small city like ours.
This is bigger than the Ti-Cats, and bigger than the CFL.

nothing is bigger than the CFL. However councillor, I hope if the rest of the councillors and mayor feel as you do, that you get your wish and ticats leave you high and dry. Build where you want to and watch lost dollars fly out the window over the years. May you never get another team.

bet you can prove that mr liar.

I think Mark Cohon has waited as long as he could before entering the fray. He and the owners and members of the Pan-Am committee probably still can't believe this City Council in Hamilton could be so stupid.
They don't seem to get it. There will be no Pan-Am stadium in Hamilton that doesn't involve the Tiger Cats. That will mean no Government money for their West Harbour pie in the sky either.
The Mayer seemed to think the city or somebody like Katz would be able to step in and buy the team and go merrily on their way, without Bob Young, to the West Harbour along with the Government handout.
Their bluff has been called, so are they going to cut off their nose to save their face or swallow what pride they have left and do the right thing.
Maybe Fred thinks he can build a stadium at the WH, with money Hamilton can't afford, and the Buffalo Bills will come to town.
The thing that troubles me is that too much bad blood may have been spilt already for any real co-operation going forward.
The City of Moncton must be watching developments with a lot of interest. Thinking they were five years away from landing a franchise, and now it could be next year.

I like others am not really up to date on the stadium debate, I've only been to Hamilton a handful of times as a child so I don't have much background. They both need each other, the city can't build a stadium with no tenant in it, it'll lose money hand over fist that way. I haven't read anywhere about Bob Young wanting all the parking money though, I'm not sure where you got that from.

Either way I hope they get this settled.

So both Montreal AND Ottawa get multiple opportunities at CFL franchises... but if Hamilton loses the Cats it will END CFL in Hamilton... WTF is that???


If the Cats leave words can't express how furious I will be.

Don’t listen to the dude posting crap from those websites. Highly biased, and not based on any facts. If you want to learn about the stadium, do your own research, do not take the opinions of the people from “Raise the Hammer” or “Our City, Our Future” as fact. Reading those sites will give you the idea that Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats are evil, and that the only way to cure all the ills of downtown Hamilton is to build a stadium down by the waterfront. Complete and utter garbage.

One piece of info that everyone should understand is that the Cats have said, unequivocally, that they will never play at the West Harbour location. The team president said exactly that not too long ago. If the stadium is built there, the Cats will either move or fold.

As far as Commissioner Cohon’s letter is concerned, good for him. He’s looking out for his interests and there is nothing wrong with that. His goal (and, honestly, the goal of the Cats) is not to develop downtown Hamilton, it’s to make sure that the CFL and its franchises are financially successful. If Bob Young had said he wanted to build the stadium in the sky, ala Bluthton, because that’s what he thought the best location was, Cohon would have supported it.

As a proud Hamiltonian, and someone who takes the time to not only defend, but promote the great city of Hamilton to everyone I meet, it pains me to say that you’re completely wrong. The city needs the CFL way more than the CFL needs the city. Most people think very poorly of Hamilton, and the Cats are the lone positive many non-Hamiltonians cite when speaking about Hamilton.

So if the Tabbies don't want to play at West Harbour, why build the dumb thing their? After the Pan Am games,you'll just have a white elephant. Maybe some HS athletics or some third rate soccer.


Jeezus, you've got one pro team and you're practically shoving it out the door.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I'll take the side of the guy who's spent MILLIONS OF HIS OWN MONEY over that of some half-bright beaurocrat who simply spends our tax dollars as to what makes the most economic sense.

And good on Cohon, sticking up for one of his franchises. If the Tabbies leave, Hamilton will become an irrelevant city to the national sports fabric.

Oh, enjoy the HOF, because that's all you dingbats will have left.

montreal and ottawa lost teams due to revenue issuesmismanagementetc. If hamilton loses theirs, it will be because the mayor and council and businesses with a personal stake in the location of the new stadium basically said to hell with bob young, the ticats, and the cfl.

Spot on. It will be Copps Coliseum all over again.

Aside from calling us "dingbats," I agree with everything you said.