The Officating This Season.

How would you guys rate the officating in the CFL this season a,b,c,d or f? Personally I have to rate it a d. I'm not going to name any calls because that would be considered crying over spilled milk and cause trouble.Anyhow this season I have seen some just awful calls not to mention missed calls when the pentaly was right in front of an offical. Your thoughts on this please?

same as any other yr, any other sports league.

You can bet that Gerge Black and his cronies breathed a sigh of releaf that the illegal pass call had no bearing on the outcome.

The officials get an "F." They blew that illegal pass call against Joseph EVEN WITH video replay, and Jim Daley, and George Black supposedly overseeing things. That was a critical penalty which could have changed the game's outcome.

The league should have fired George Black should a long time ago for incompetence.

no way could a ref be faulted for making the call in split second real time with the QB in the air.

As for the replay, its not the refs fault they were not allowed the benifit of the virtual line of scrimmage.

Refs did no wrong on that call.

I agree with the call, I'm just saying that if the Lions had come back to win, the play would be the number one topic. As it turns out it is now merely a sidenote.

Overall they've been quite a bit better throughout the playoffs, and the review process is MUCH better with someone in the booth helping the officials out, but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

By and large the regular season was pretty terrible.

I don't think the official should have thrown the flag in the first place on the illegal forward pass since it was way too close to call.

I give them a C, although its a really tough job, it seemed the same Refs were making consistent mistakes game after game..definite upgrading required.

mmmm... inconsistent except as Dentor says same refs making the same mistakes, reeeeally need to look at that receiver/possession till whistle or whatever criteria/completion thing: give em a C- but I couldn't do their job, I give myself an G, he[[ I would scream at the refs when I used to play the Madden videogame.

I'd give them a C. A lot of ridiculous calls, a few non-calls, and too many butchered reviews. But thankfully they haven't been too bad in the playoffs. Hopefully it stays that way.

Cant blame them for that...its a rule.
That being said they neend to change the rule

One of the sideline officials was standing at the line of scrimmage. You could clearly see his foot on one side of the 45 yard line in the replay, and Joseph's foot on the other side, when CBC showed the replay without the virtual first down line.

My wife commented during the game that even without her glasses she could have made the call.

I don't fault the ref for making the call on the field, but its total nonsense that they got it wrong on the replay. Thank god it didn't change the outcome.

I thought the officiating overall wasn't bad, but there's no excuse for botching a call with a clear replay. F.

Black needs to go.

That botched call could have been made by a 10yr old.

By putting himself in the booth, and blowing it, imo
he's sealed his fate.

What about in the Bombers/Argos game when a Bomber, forget who, fumbled and they called it a fumble but on the challenge, they said his knee was down, no fumble. It was close but from what I saw, the ball was starting to be loose just before the knee was down. Not enough evidence to overturn that call IMO.

I didnt have a problem with that call, although the
screen i was watching the games on wasnt the best.

Maybe we can get ro1313 to post it. Just like Walby and Khari, I thought it was counted from where your plant foot was. That is how they were explaining it during the replay. But according to Daly, who explained it after, it was where he released the ball, impling that the release point was forward of the line of scrimmage. CBC never did show the replay after that.

Maybe we can get an Ask The Ref on this. If they’re looking for something like his front leg or his arm, then it’d be much tougher to find something to overturn in.

In that case the CBC guys were explaining it wrong.

-F....anyone who thinks that they havent failed this year should apply to them for a job and continue the tradition. Sheesh, this has been by far the worst yr. of 30 as a fan.


I think the single biggest improvement they could make is to stop calling minor infractions that are not in the vicinity of the play. For example, don't call a little tug on a receiver on the left side of the field when the ball is being thrown to the right side, or an illegal block 40 yards away from the runner.

I'd give them a C- this year but as others have said, it isn't easy and it isn't really that much different than other sports I watch (saw some lousy officiating in the NFL games I flicked to during the CFL commercials yesterday).

The call was right, does not matter where the foot was, its where the ball was on release and it was over the line.