The Offical Glenn vs Porter in 2010 thread

ok i know it's only january, but with the signing of both Glen and Porter I think it's time for us to start the debate. Who starts in 2010.

My opinion: It's Glen's season. Let Porter apprentice behind him much lik AC did behind Tracy Ham in MTL. Hopefully we'll find us with the same situation with Porter in the future as MTL has with AC Now...

You forgot the lock this thread option. Let the chips fall where they may and let the coaches do their job

They could play Barker at QB for all I care, I just want to win.

That's the option I was looking for. I'm with AKT on this one.

I have faith in Marcel.

Good news for the team indeed. As usual, I believe the starter will earn that designation coming out of training camp. Should make for good competion. What I like most about the deal is that Porter extended his contract. Seems he is willing to commit to the team and the future, even if there is a chance he has to watch and learn for a year or so.

Based on last year's performance I'd go with Glenn but training camp can change that.

If they go with last year's philosophy of experimenting until the season needs to be won, let's hope they settle on the winning combination earlier, like week 6, so we aren't nail biting through the last two weeks to know if we've made the playoffs. The team dallied around on this issue this last year until we were 6-9 and on the brink. It should have been Glenn after Labour Day.

Glen hands down...

Porter has prove he is ready to start..

I think Boltus will be the starter by mid-July. You read it here first. :wink:

I wouldn't be surprised to see Porter traded and Tafralis elevated to the number 2 spot.

I think it will be the resurgence of Tee Martin or Ted White...

Can you say WINNIPEG?

yeah, I can say it....I prefer not to, it's an ugly word just like A*** but I could say it. What's your point?

Glenn - Porter - or even Tafralis - Boltus if they are even still here - doesn't really matter to me. I'm just glad we have the same QB's coming back and not starting our offense all over again with a new pivot. We need some consistancy on the offense and it all starts with having as many players familiar with the system as possible working together - cohesion is big, just ask Cahoon and Calvillo.

Wash your mouth out with soap!

This Is why they have a training camp may the best quarterback win. I hope Quinton learned something by standing on the sidelines. Onknight I hope your not going to rip Quinton a new one even before camp starts :roll:

I say Porter will look good in training camp and we will start him!!!

To bad Glenn Fans!

Too bad Glenn fans?

LOL sounds like a bitter Porter supporter who's breath still reaks of crow! lol

Based on the performance of Glenn at the end of the season, he should be the start for 2010. That being said, I would put Porter in when Glenn struggles, the same thing that we did when Porter struggled in 2009.

I am not concerned with who's QBing to be honest.

I am concerned with our offensive game plan. If we stop running the ball, like we did in the second half of the season, defenses will just play the pass and we will have a lot of 2 and outs. We have multiple running backs who are more than capable to carry a full load of 25 carries per game. We need to use them a lot more this year to be successful and more than a .500 team.

Were due for an other major bonehead QB move after the AC to Montreal move. :roll:

Most teams in the league given a choice of Ticat QBs would take Porter. So Obie trade bait or future star QB.

Most would take Porter as a "project", not as their starter. He does possess talent and potential.
Who cares who does better in camp. Timmy Chang had a great camp and where is he now?
I don't know why there's this perception of Glenn being over the hill. He's only 3.5 years older than Porter.

KG: Born June 12, 1979
QP: Born December 28, 1982