[The Offical] Don Matthews For GM Thread.


I can just see the Phone calls to Free Agents this year

Jo Blow Come on Down your The next Player we Want to join the Hamilton Tigercats.


Right he under Contact to Calgary

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Now we're getting somewhere.

Ya I can see that happening, his first move Jesse Lumsden to a 10 year 50 million dollar contract.

you'll see

Sad to read all the Mathews Bashing in the Toronto Press, Fact is he is the Brightest football mind anywere, and the TiCats could do no better if even he Just came in to teach Taffee the Program!!!

I have not read the T.O. press, but I cannot see the Don coming back to football in any capacity. He's burnt his bridges well.

A few people come to mind as good candidates:

Jim Barker

Bob O'Billovich (has done wonders bringing talent in Vancouver)

Roy Shivers

Don Mathews (guarantees lotsa' wins, but may be done)

Jim Popp (if fired, and only if he remains on as GM only)

Matt Dunigan (I'm serious, he brought in some neat players to the Stamps that still play, for example Reynolds).

God would I be sick if they hired O'Billovich. That would hurt beyond belief.

To be honest I don't care who they bring in, I just want to win.

I regularly read 3 of the 4 TO papers and haven't seen Matthews mentioned, pro or con. It wouldn't surprise me because I think Matthews pissed off a lot of the writers here but where have you seen this?

An Argo-Cat fan

Ticat beat writer Ken Peters thinks our new GM will probably be Calgary's Jim Barker, because Mitchell is looking for a guy with GM experience who can bring in a lot of good import talent quickly (Barker's main strength), and Mitchell's Dad is a Calgary owner, suggesting that the younger Mitchell may have some inside information about Barker's future release from Calgary.

don is the billy martin of the cfl. his crash and burn style is always good for the first few years.
but even billy can’t manage anymore — it’s hard to do when you crash your car drunk, and die.
and don is indeed done.
here is my pick:

mike mccarthy.

a great football man, personable, funny, intense, driven to succeed.
and as far as i can tell, the situation that got in the way of his taking a titled position has changed. so he’s available, he’s local, he’s the best.

jim barker: don’t bother. what’s he done except the 9-9 argos? he’s not a winner. mike is a winner, many times over.

Yeah, that’s what I think when I hear his name.

If experiences is a pre-requisite, then shouldn’t success be one too?

Please, not Bob Barker. He's a .500 guy at best.
Mitchell should get tough and tell Rambo his current job is obsolete now that Marcel is done. Tell Rambo he is welcome to take the GM job. If he refuses, then put in McCarthy.
No O'Billovich or Matthews. Great careers and I admire their accomplishments, but they are getting long in the tooth and should be put out to pasture.

Marcel Did find & sign...
Setta & Zeke. [probally the only brightspots]

The Don's a football brain and his record speaks for itself. Hey the guy is a no nonsense type of coach/ GM bottom line he gets the job done......The main thing he was well respected in the locker room and nothing else matters all the other stuff who cares the players played hard for him Belle would give him a big smooch just to get him to crack a smile:lol: 8)

He also older then Dirt and Has Health Problems.
If he was 10 years Younger and Healthy I would agree.
Obie is not Spring Chicken but he is healthy.
We bring in a JR GM to learn under Obie.

What has age got to do with this position?

The GM doesn't have to go on the field with the team at practices. He certainly doesn't have to suit up for the games.

What is important are intelligence, experience, contacts, personality, etc.

Now, I'm not saying that an old man, like Matthews or O'Bilovich will necessarily do a better job. But, their age is not a disqualifier.

Let it be OB.