The Offensive Line

Cant punch the ball in.. cant open holes for the running game...

'nough said

anyone disagree?


nope, i don’t agree, after last week i’m not all that concerned about the line like i was.

Right now this is another last place team AGAIN.

II will admit that is true, and it does concern me.

Some people may not like this but Marcoux sure looked good yesterday at left guard for the Blue team.

This was supposed to be one of our strength's this year :thdn: are you kidding me! We can't score from the one yard line when the game is on the line....they better look at going with two imports if we don't have the non-import talent here. :cowboy:

Have to agree the O-line Run Blocking is Suspect at Best
The Pass Blocking was much better

Bang on analysis.

Pass blocking was great today. Glenn had plenty of time to make throws. But the run blocking leaves a lot to be desired.

the pass blocking was great BCUZ

Kevin is throwing from the shot gun/ is blessed with a quick release and a bunch of very gifted receivers...

NOT because the line is extra ordinary

Then please explain why Glenn wasn't able to do the same last week? Everything else stayed the same, but the O-line protected better.

o-line is bruuuuutal, we don't have a hope in heck of winning unless this group can play at this level.

you forget there are two sides to every coin..

the Bombers were HIGHLY motivated against Hamilton.. (see how they came back down to earth against the argos after their MUST win home opener?)

Calgary not so much...

Cannot punch it in?

Please someone explain this sequence to me...

1st Down - Shotgun inside handoff (from the 1.5 yard line). With Glenn in Shotgun this was the obvious call... why? Because we had Porter in there for every other short 2nd down.

2nd Down - Sneak attempt by Tafralis, Once again, the entire country knew this was coming when Tafralis came in, not Porter.

3rd Down - Glenn comes back in, Likely not a sneak because neither of the other 2 QBs were out there.

Not one, but 3 horrible play calls. Something tells me if we tried the sneak 3 times with Porter or Tafralis we would have scored, and if we didnt, THEN you blame the oline. Not after that playcalling, for a second i thought Kollege Koach was back.

The play calling was brutle, and it wasn't any of the quarter backs falt. In fact I was inpressed with Porter when he broke for a first down on his own earlier in the game.
Glenn was good for 367 yds., thats 100 more than Burris had.
So were is the problem??
a number of spots but the most obvious problem today was the coaching staff again.

The OLIne needs to find a way to run block. The pass block was much improved. If this team "thinks" they are play off calibre, they need to give their heads a serious shake. Any good team is three dimentional, all three need to work well,
Offence Deffense and special teams. Part of the offensive scheme is running. I like Cobb, however we need a super quick guy who can make the holes. Cobb is unable to do that. The offesnive line coach needs to be put on notice, find a way for Cobb to successful or your out! One good thing, special teams has improved - the runnung game has not.

Another dimention is a quarter back that is mobile, Kevin Glen is not mobile. The last problem that needs to be fixed is defensive pressure - this must work or the backs can not cover. Obie stated he would find the next Cameron Wake - give Jason Vega shot before it's too late.

Some times you don't score from the one yard line because you just call dumb plays. That QB sneak looked like something out of the play book a few years ago. Doomed to fail. Besides, there is an old adage and that is, "take the points when you can get them" Maybe we should have settled for three.

It shouldn't have mattered. Any decent CFL team should be able to stuff it in from the 1 yard line, even when the defense knows what's coming. The defense has to line up a yard off the ball. Unless there is a heroic effort by the defense, it shouldn't take more than two or three tries.

The O-line could have been helped out on the 1 (or other short yardage situations) by having Cobb and fullback in the backfield, which adds a measure of deception to the play calling. In fact, having the fullback on other occasions would help the running game too - so sit a receiver in those situations cuz having 5 receivers on a running play that is telegraphed is stupid, and puts the O-line at a distinct disadvantage.