The Offensive Line / Ryker Mathews

Pls excuse me if I missed it some place in this forum, but I don’t see anything about the offensive line , who is signed and any updates . If someone could update me it would be greatly appreciated.

Everybody is back from last year, except Ryker Mathews who signed with the Patriots and Landon Rice. Vinston Painter from our neg list video is signed. The roster is posted on the site and all the OLinemen are there.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Thankyou for that update sir , I appreciate it.

As of this posting the current roster is showing 11 O-Lineman under contract for this upcoming season.
The breakdown is as followed : 7 Cdns / 4 Imp

Returning Starters(4): (games played last year)

Mike Filer - c (18 gp )
Darius Ciraco - g (18 gp )
Brandon Revenberg - g (18 gp )
Kevin Palmer - t (4 gp )

Returning Reserves and back-ups(6)

Mathieu Girard - c/g (17 gp )
Avery Jordan - t (9 gp )
Isame Fasciane - t (1 gp)
Brett Golding - g/c (8 gp )
Kay Okafor - g/t (9 gp )
Everton Williams - g/t (9 gp )


Vinston Painter - t

They might grab another one at the draft. Ciraco and Revenberg have worked out nicely and it is good to keep that OL prospect pipeline flowing.

Hamilton native OL Jesse Gibbon would be a great pick in the draft,
especially if he falls to us in the 2nd round(#10 or #11)

The biggest problem our line has is at tackle. We desperately need a solid tackle/end to catch guys whipping off the end. Hopefully Palmer becomes the answer.

The 26-year-old played 17 regular season games and two more in the playoffs for the Ticats at right tackle in 2018. The six-foot-six, 320-pound Matthews spent two seasons in Hamilton suiting up in 26 regular season contests.

OK, I will forgive Ryker for leaving and plug him in as a starter for the next 3 seasons at RT.

We can only hope. He certainly proved himself here.

No idea what the chances are, but if Matthews returns then that is as good an oline as the Cats have had in modern memory. Fingers crossed!

Yeah I sure hope Rycker comes back and I am sure Masoli does as well.

It would be nice to see Ryker Matthews back at OT and they compete for the LT position the other guys like Kelvin Palmer and Avery Jordan. Jesse Gibbon looks like a nice pickup in the CFL draft also.

Football is a tough business. Imagine how excited the guy must have been to sign with the perennial Super Bowl contenders. And then he gets cut without ever stepping on the field, even at training camp.

Obviously Belichick doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. ;D

Seems to happen often in the NFL. I don’t understand the mentality of screwing with someone’s career like that. I know it’s “just business? but it does seem somewhat cruel. I hope he does come back…the man is a beast.b

That would be one hell of a resurrection. ;D

Funny?. Fat fingers and spell check have a way with words!!

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Hey Lenny, I make mistakes all the time . How do you fix them ? Seriously. I submit a second post as an apology post but you and recently Grover just “magically” corrected the original post. How do you do that ?

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

I do, too, Pat and likely more than you. In case Lenny doesn’t respond …

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