The Offensive Line is Offensive

Big area of weakness on the team in my opinion.

Good at opening up lanes for Gable but pass protection is crap ... we need to have a balanced attack to be successful.

Played a huge factor in the loss tonight.


wrong, if Burris would ever just roll out and or JUST THROW the ball away they would be a lot better off. All game they kept that stud DE out of the backfield. He finally broke threw in the 4th but if Burris would move, throw it away or check down right away the sacks wouldnt happen, the int in the 4th down in the Stamps end show why Burris will always break your heart

Wanker, I believe you made that SAME EXACT post on another thread which was sooo fantastic however this thread has to do with how horrible the offensive line is....not.

just defending the O Line

The line worked well we had over 500 yards of offense. Burris is the problem, he cannot work under pressure. He makes a lot of bad decisions and throws or lack of them when he should. I believe that is why Hufnagel let him go, and probably why Austin is working LeFevour in the games. Hank is good between the twenties but under pressure he chokes, sorry but that INT proves it for anyone that has doubts. How many times have you seen Austim giving him the once over when he comes off the field? I like Hank but I also like a winner and his time is just about over. Not to sell him short he is a good mentor for the rookie. This loss goes squarely on his and Congi's shoulders.

Special teams except for Beswick and Bartel needs a lot of work!

You get sacked when they the D puts on a big rush and you tip toe forward into the arms of the defenders. Burris needs to read the blitz and checkoff. If that is not available throw the ball away. Quarterbacks who consistently do this enhance the look of the offensive line as very few sacks are recorded even though there was pressure.

Levi did this often and he is a third stringer. Burris has been around for ages he should know this without having to be coached.

Defence rule, couldnt have said it better

Earth to recent posters.
Hank is on pace to be the league MVP. 800 passing yards more the #2 passer in the league. 20 TDs.
Are the receivers that good or does Hank make them look that good?
For a single season wouldn't trade Burris for anyone in the CFL right now and he might prove me right by winning a league MVP at his advanced age if he finishes strong. He is Eastern MVP for sure.
Keep it up Hank...doing GREAT!!!

And shake your heads folks!!

IMO Burris has been great and O-Line much improved. Against Calgary for some reason down the stretch the play calling went away from the run and the sort of passing game that makes it harder to rush the passer. Result: 4 sacks late in the game and the interception. But this is a team that has learnt a lot since losing 37-0 in Regina. I expect they will learn from this too.

Give Mr Hage a healthy scratch and put in Tim O'Neill and you will see gable get 100 YDS !

The Cats just added behemoth Joel Reinders(6’ 8’ 312 lbs)a recent cut from the Argos

[url=] ... -1.1860618[/url]

The addition of Reinders will give us one of the BIGGEST O-Lines in size in the league:

J.REINDERS…6’ 8’…312 LBS
T.ONEILL…6’ 3’…305 LBS
B.SIMMONS…6’ 5’…310 LBS
J.FIGUEROA…6’ 6’…320 LBS
M.HAGE…6’ 2’…291 LBS
M.DILE…6’4…300 LBS
G.WOJT…6’4…300 LBS
M.FILER…6’ 2’…300 LBS
C.HUSBAND…6’ 7’…307 LBS
C.ROCKHILL…6’ 6’…284 LBS
L.RICE…6’ 6’…315 LBS

AVG HT=6’ 5’

With 12 OL on the active/inj/p.r the Cats are doing a nice job of stockpiling for the upcoming expansion draft.
I’m kind of surprised we got Reinders,considering the problems that both the B.B.'s and Esks have had on the line this year,would of thought that one of them would’ve jumped at signing him first.

I tend to agree. Marwan is showing the effects of some wear and tear and at this point, I think O'Neill may be a better option at centre.

I’m not sure if O’Neill is a huge improvement over Marwan but I think that Hage is definitely in the twilight of his career. I’ve seen an opposing D-lineman spin Marwan around and get to Henry a few times this season.