The Offence

Who, if anyone do we keep?

Fred Reid, obvious no brainer...

I'd say Edwards is worth keeping...

Bowman...I'd like to see him stick around...dude's only 23. I think he has a ton of potential.

Arjei needs to stay...

Beyond those guys... I don't know...


......Bernard........Hargraves....i say we keep Bryant as's becoming obvious that it 'might' not only be Rombys playing ability, that's in question on this team.. :wink:

Yeah...I like Bernard too...I don't think yesterday's fumbles were typical of him.

Hargreaves is a nice big non-import.

Not so sure about Romby...he may have just benefitted last year from having a lot more talented receivers for the defence to worry about last year.

This offense is a clusterscrew.

Using a base 4 receiver set, without involving the running backs in the passing game, is bound to fail in the CFL.

You have to spread the field, our receivers were covered like a blanket yesterday, because most times they had 5 or 6 defenders on them.

actually, I saw Sask playin with 4 dbs and everybody else in the box, and we STILL couldn’t get open…

The bombers offence is offensive alright :wink:
Just not the way you'd like it to be.

I was about to post the same thing. The Riders had 8 men on the line a ton yesterday. I don't know if Patrick ever lined up in the secondary.

Other than the odd all-out blitz, I don't know if I've ever seen that before. Never with such frequency. Had Winnipeg come out in a 5 or 6 pack set, it would have forced a Rider adjustment (or else a player goes completely uncovered) but I don't think the Bombers ever used such a formation.

And every time they rushed 8, they usually got to the QB or enough to force a bad throw.

No matter how you slice it, a bas 4 receiver set just sets you for failure one way or the other.

Expect to see more of it, or something similar. Winnipeg's passing game is terrible and their run game is strong. If you stop the run and force Bishop to pass... you win.

Pass and run are complimentary, success at one helps the other by drawing away attention. Right now the passing game simply isn't a threat, teams can ignore it and overload the front to stop the run like Saskatchewan did. A five receiver set would have forced them to either send some more people back or leave someone open.

The four receiver thing could have worked too...Kelly talked about the guys not recognizing what's happening over top of them. How many times in the past have we seen a certain #85 take a ten-yard lob down the middle of the field for a TD against the same Cover-Zero? If we had a receiver/qb combo that could recognize that, well, our run game would be a lot better off...

Other than Reid and Labatte, the Bombers need lots of help on O.

The offensive line is basically a bunch of journeymen. The Bombers need to draft some O-Line studs with their top picks in the next few years.

The receivers just aren't delivering. Yes, Bowman is young, but is that a good reason to keep him after he did nothing with lots of playing time in 2009? Edwards, Bryant and Ralph are just not cutting it, either.

And Winnipeg has absolutely zilch at QB. No #1, 2 or 3. And unless Winnipeg catches lightning in a bottle by bringing in a young American college QB pefectly suited to the Canadian game, the Bomber O will sputter next year too.

I don't agree that Bowman has done nothing...

When he does get the ball, he usually gets some YAC...he's tough to bring down. Remember...he's ONLY 23. No where close to his prime...

Big mistakes to evaluate guys with an orgnisation that's a mess. Look where it got Kelly... He should not have made evaluations based on last season's play. Every time you do that you end up with less talent. It's just the way it is. Right now this team needs a General Manager with tact and experience and Bauer needs to be removed from any football related decision such as hiring a coach or GM. With a good GM the team will progress back to being competitive in as little as a year or two.

I'd argue that the talent on defence is miles ahead of last year. Same goes for special teams. True that the quarterback talent didn't work out the way it was supposed to. I'd maybe buy your argument as far as the oline goes, but that's pretty much it.