Simply brutal...time for Danny Mac to take over the Offence...he should have more imagination than 'Boringfuelle'

I agree that might be worth a try.

I think Bellefeuille deserves at least some of the blame for the lack of offence we saw from the Ticats tonight.

How could the team not adapt to all that blitzing of Printers in the first half?

Could there not have been more screen passes and draw plays?

And with Lumsden back in the lineup, would it not make sense to call more draw plays anyway?

And after all this talk about the team missing Lumsden, why did he have so few carries?

And when he got hired full-time, I figured that at least a few people would want him to take MB's place.

given printers comment about the team NOT being a rushing team, could it be that he reluctant to give the ball to jesse as much as he couldshould have.

Eh FYB Who would you give us for Printers

This is what I was thinking too.

Casey looks frazzled and very uncomfortable out there.

I think he takes most of the blame for the inept offense tonight.

I was going to say premier campbell, but I wouldnt wanna do that to BOB

Premier Campbell has turned your province around, for the better, but I digress.

OFFENSIVE is a good way to describe last night's performace. Here are a few words that came to my mind:

INEPT: lacking skill or aptitude, inappropriate, unsuitable, out of place

ANEMIC: lacking power, vigor, vitality

INCOMPETENT: lacking qualification or ability; incapable

ENIGMA: a puzzling or inexplicable occurence or situation

EMBARRASING: to hinder with obstacles or difficulties; impede

It was sad comparing the Thursday night game on television to the disaster witnessed in person. It seems across the league, back-up QBs can impress on any given night, yet our super star QB, all star RB, and coaching staff can't muster up a passing TD after five games.