The Off Topic forum has been retired

Hi all - after some consultation and discussion behind the scenes, early this morning, I moved the Off Topic forum area to be read-only and inaccessible to regular forum users.

The issue at hand here is that the forum has taken on an all-politics bent in the last year or two, and the tone of the political posts is almost always oppositional, divisive and just plain ugly. I don't think anyone wishes to prevent that discourse from happening, but for a website dedicated to football, it's a little off-side.

I'll be moving some topics we consider "grandfathered" into the CFL Talk area, such as KevinRiley's movie reviews topic. But otherwise, as of now, please move your political discussions off-site. We really do hope this slowly starts to repair the enmities that's built up between forum members due to our political differences.

The great thing about football is that it's often an amazing spectacle that unites all of us fans, even if we're cheering for opposite sides. I'd like to give that a chance to flower again.

Thank you for your cooperation,