The Off-Season

The Edmonton Eskimos offseason starts today, its a very important offseason as many tough moves have to be made.

LEGEND: * = Non Import (Canadian Born Player)



  • Matt Nichols
  • Kerry Joseph
  • Steven Jyles
  • Jeremiah Masoli

My take:
Matt Nichols (currently) is the starter going into the 2013 season.
Kerry Joseph retires. I would not bring him back in 2013.
Steven Jyles, makes WAY TOO MUCH money as a 3rd string QB. Cut your losses!
Jeremiah Masoli, has improved 10X from preseason till now. He's next years 3rd stringer.
I would go after QB Adrian McPherson.

What i suspect the Eskimos to do:
I would think Steven Jyles will be released ASAP once the Grey Cup ends.
Why? To allow the media to bash the Ricky Ray trade now, and get it out of the way before the start of next season.
Edmonton will bring back Jeremiah Masoli. He has worked hard enough in practise to be back next year.
For some reason, i can see the team bringing back Kerry Joseph, or holding on to him until they can get themselves another option (like McPherson for example).


  • Hugh Charles
  • Jerome Messam*
  • Corey Boyd
  • Calvin McCarty*

My take:
Hugh Charles & Calvin McCarty are locks to be back next season.
Jerome Messam salary increase is concerning imo (for the 2013 season). I can see Edmonton moving him via trade.
Corey Boyd, if he won us the game vs the Argos in the playoffs i would then say maybe. But that was not the case. He will be released.

What i suspect the Eskimos to do:
Keep Hugh Charles as their starter.
Shop Jerome Messam, and try to get back a 1st round pick.
Montreal was interested in Messam and currently holds 2, 1st rounders including Edmonton's 3rd overall pick (McKnight trade).
Calvin McCarty brought back as a special teams leader.
Corey Boyd may stick if Edmonton unloads Messam quick. Boyd would be a good backup to Charles if the price is right.


  • Mathieu Bertrand*
  • Darcy Brown*
  • Peter Thiel *

My take:
I would bring back both Mathieu Bertrand & Darcy Brown. Although Bertrand may retire with all his injury problems in 2012.
Honestly, i do not know why Peter Thiel is on this team. He is not even close to the level of a CFL player. Id send him packing.

What i suspect the Eskimos to do:
Annouce the retirement of Mathieu Bertrand.
Have Darcy Brown back as their FB, combined with McCarty.
Release Peter Thiel.


  • Fred Stamps
  • Cary Koch
  • Shamawd Chambers*
  • Nate Coehoorn*
  • Marcus Henry
  • Matt Carter*
  • Glen Mackay*
  • Tyler Scott*
  • Adarius Bowman
  • Dobson Collins
  • Youssy Pierre*
  • Ed Grant
  • Terriun Grump

My take:
Stamps, Koch, Chambers, Coehoorn, Henry, Carter, Collins & Bowman should all be brought back.
Adarius Bowman is a leader on this team, but may be trade bait with Chambers & Coehoorn stepping up in 2012. He would certainly bring Edmonton a 1st round pick +.
Glen Mackay may stick, but id let him go.
Tyler Scott will retire. And Youssy Pierre is on the bubble. He's likely to retire.
Ed Grant & Terriun Grump are guys with limited reps. We will see who sticks. My bet is on Grant.
Look for Scales to also be brought back at reciever if Ed Hervey is named the new GM. He was very high on Scales. And to be honest, i thought Scales did great in camp.

What i suspect the Eskimos to do:
All recievers brought back other then Mackay, Scott, Pierre.
Players on the bubble are MacKay, Collins, Grant & Grump.


  • (C) Kyle Koch*
  • (C) Gord Hinse*
  • (G) Brian Ramsay*
  • (G) Greg Wojt*
  • (G) Simion Rottier*
  • (G) Scott Mitchell*
  • (T) Devin Tyler
  • (T) Dylan Steenbergen*
  • (T) Matt O'Donnell*
  • (T) Joel Bell
  • (T) Dale Stevenson*
  • (T) Orrin Thompson

My take:
Kyle Koch had a brutal year at center. When he wasnt snapping the ball 10 feet in the air, he was falling flat on his face
I wouldnt be surprised to see a move at center. Although Gord Hinse had a step back season in 2012 and may not be the guy to replace Koch.
Brian Ramsay also had a step back season. I would think he is let go.
Greg Wojt, Simion Rottier, Scott Mitchell, Matt O'Donnell & Orrin Thompson will all be back.
Devin Tyler, Joel Bell, Dylan Steenbergen are all on the bubble.
While Dale Stevenson's window may have closed. I think we will be released (again).
I would think Edmonton drafts a couple offensive linemen in 2013.

What i suspect the Eskimos to do:
Go hard after Austin Pastor. And also draft some new O-linemen.
Bring everyone back other then Ramsay, Stevenson & Tyler.
Joel Bell & Dylan Steenbergen are on the bubble.


As for free agents, the top target is to sign a QB and imo i would be going full force after Adrian McPherson!
As for the new OC, with Kavis Reed having too many connections to Paul LaPolice,
id be shocked if he is not the NEW OC next year in 2013.
Look for alot of offencive coaches to be let go and replaced.

I will continue with my thoughts on the Edmonton Eskimos offseason tommorrow with my post on the teams Defence & Special Teams.
Yes Edmonton has a good defence, but this offseason is VERY important as MANY starters are free agents. Stay tuned!

The first thing for the Eskimos is obviously the GM.

Forget any thought of Kavis Reed handling both jobs or even an assistant GM. He has proven that the couldn't handle coach and offensive coordinator, how can anyone think he can handle coach and GM. Leave him at head coach with no other duties.

I would not be surprised to see Ed Hervey, he has history, he is an Eskimo. That goes a long ways.

My personal choice would be Matt D. He understands what support is needed for the quarterback and that is something that was lacking this year. My gut feeling is that Matt wants the job dearly and I would like to see him get the chance.


The defence

LEGEND: * = Non Import (Canadian Born Player)


  • Brandon Lang (DE)
  • Justin Capicciotti* (DE)
  • Marcus Howard (DE)
  • Almondo Sewell (DT)
  • Don Oramasionwu* (DT)
  • Kade Weston (DT)
  • Ted Laurent* (DT)
  • Shawn Lemon (DL)
  • Jermaine Reid* (DL)
  • Julius Williams (DE)
  • Lee Robinson (DL)
  • Etienne Legare* (DT)

My thoughts:
Marcus Howard will be the hardest Edmonton Eskimos player to resign. I know theres alot of talk right now that the Eskimos are right against the cap. Well of course they are. They had 40+ injuries this year. It does not mean they cant release some people, etc. Howard, imo, will hunt down another tryout with an NFL team for the 2013 season. If he does not get a good offer. He is going to take the highest amount of money in the CFL. As much as i like Howard, i do not see him coming back in 2013.
With that being said, Julius Williams could be back. I doubt Edmonton has money for both, so i would think if Howard walks, Williams stays or vice versa.
Who will be back: Capicotti, Lang, Sewell, Oramasionwu, Laurent.
I dont see Weston, Legare returning.
On the bubble: Reid, Lemon & Robinson.
*DONT BE SHOCKED IF Rashad Jeanty is back in camp in 2013. He was only released because of his salary. Id bring him back.

What i think the Eskimos will do:
Push hard to resign Marcus Howard. So hard that free agents like Julius Williams (for example) walk off to sign with another CFL team. Which in the end may hurt Edmonton as Howard is likely all NFL focused right up until the CFL season starts.
Edmonton will shop: Reid & Legare in hopes to gain some movement in the draft. Or add at another postion thats weak.
Lemon, Robinson are guys who have shown they can play, but not impact players for an entire season. It will be interesting to see how stays and whos released/traded.
Returning would have to be Capicotti, Lang, Sewell, Oramasionwu & Laurent.
While Julius Willams likely walks as Lang takes his job.


  • Kyle Stewart
  • Tj Hill
  • JC Sheritt
  • Simoni Lawerence
  • Mike Cornell*
  • Damaso Munoz
  • Corbin Sharun*

My take:
The Edmonton Eskimos lack depth at linebacker for Canadians. Cornell is getting older and Sharun is a special teams player only. Id like to see a Sam Hurl type linebacker drafted or brought in.
JC Sheritt is the new face of the Edmonton Eskimos, he is a free agent. But will stay and likely sign a long term contract.
Munoz is in the option year of his contract. He may want to sign an extention early. But we will certainly see him back in 2013.
As for Lawerence, he is a great backup with the ability to start games for any injuried Linebacker. He will be back.
Same can be said for Kyle Stewart. A vet CFL special teamer who showed some good things in late 2012. Bring him back.
Sharun, Cornell should be back. Although it wouldnt shock me to hear Cornell retire.
TJ Hill is a leader on the Eskimos defence. But he is also a free agent. Will he stay in Edmonton? Or go back to Montreal? I think he ends up resigning. And stays in Green & Gold.

What i think the Eskimos will do:
Draft or sign some Canadian Linebackers for better depth.
Try and bring back the entire Linebacking core and build from there.
Theres always going to be new signed linebackers every season. So lets see if any of them can take jobs away from guys like Stewart and Lawerence.

Defencive Backs:

  • Delroy Clarke*
  • Chris Thompson
  • Weldon Brown
  • Rod Williams
  • Klint Kent
  • Joe Burnett
  • Micheal Ricks
  • Bryan Williams

My take:
First off, i have to give :thdn: to Rod Williams. He had a brutal end to the 2012 season. As an upcoming free agent looking for more money, i would let him walk. I know it sounds shocking to some. But thats just how i feel.
Weldon Brown is also a free agent, as a Kavis Reed favorite. Brown will be resigned.
Chris Thompson, overrated by stats. His coverage skills are slowing down and as a vet free agent. It will be interesting to see if he's brought back. I would not resign him. Unless the contract was for less money.
Delroy Clarke is a great special teams player and a player who could step into the lineup if an injury occurs. Another aging Canadian. Bring him back.
Klint Kent is a great DB/LB and imo, id replace Thompson with Kent for the 2013 season.
Joe Burnett is clearly a star in the making. He is coming back.
Micheal Ricks and Bryan Williams are practise roster guys who did not see much or any action. But that was Joe Burnett last year. I see both them coming back in 2013.
The Edmonton Eskimos could use 1 top ranked CFL DB or another key find like Joe Burnett. For their defence, i believe the DB core let Edmonton down in key situations and cost them much needed wins in close games. With alot of free agents on Defence, lets hope Edmonton can re-tool this postion.
I would hope Edmonton drafts 1 or 2 DB's. Outside of Clarke they have non.

What i think Edmonton will do:
Resign Weldon Brown, Rod Williams & Chris Thompson.
Bring back almost everyone they can if the price is right.
And if lucky, add one more key piece.
Look for Edmonton to scout draft eligable DB's to improve their canadian depth.
NOTE If TJ Hill (Linebacker) signs elsewhere, Klint Kent can replace him.


  • Donovan Alexander*
  • Mike Miller*
  • Hugo Lopez*

My take:
With Donovan Alexander becoming an All-Star in his free agent year. I would think a raise is a given. Although he is likely to stay in Edmonton anyways because we are the only team to actually give him a chance to play (back when he couldnt get playing time).
Mike Miller is a special teams demon. He will be back.
Hugo Lopez, (Eric Tillman traded 2nd round pick DT Brian Bulcke to Calgary for 3rd round pick with turned out to be Lopez).
Lopez hasnt seen much playing time and is a bust so far. I honestly dont see him being around in 2013.
DRAFT NOTE Who was selected right after Edmonton took Hugo Lopez??????? Answer: Matt O'Donnell (OL), by Sask. Edmonton got O'Donnell in the Greg Carr trade.

What i think Edmonton will do:
Resign Alexander, bring back both Miller and Lopez. If they can improve their depth at saftey. Lopez will be gone.



  • Grant Shaw*
  • Brody McKnight*
  • Burke Dales*

My take:
Grant Shaw can do all three jobs. He will be the guy again next year.
Brody McKnight, costly price for Edmonton to pay with the 3rd overall pick in 2013. Has had no impact since day one. Will be back.
Burke Dales, aging vet who likely stays if he has no other option. But if he can find another starting job, he's likely leaving Edmonton. (Retirement is also an option).

What i think Edmonton will do:
Bring back: Grant Shaw & Brody McKnight
Talk Dales into retirement/ sticking around for camp.


  • Ryan King*
  • Mike Benson*
  • Peter Thiel*

My take:
Ryan King & Mike Benson return. Peter Thiel released.

What i think Edmonton will do:
Copy and Paste my take above.


Side note:
The reason i write on here is to provide insight and my opinion on the Edmonton Eskimos, CFL or other topics. If you dont like it, so what. Dont read it then! Posting stupid comments below only makes you look stupid for wasting your time doing it! No one cares!


By the ridiculous length and inaccuracy of your posts I'm thinking you are Eric Tillman.

In less than half a page (good luck with that, your kind thinks more words make you right) please explain to me how you know what everyone cares about hearing? You've shown no aptitude as far as garnering popular opinion, all you've done is assure us that your opinions are facts and to be accepted without question. You sir are everything that is wrong with freedom of speech as pertaining to the shall we say "less gifted" individuals.


Well, to be fair, sean, he does provide some insight and expresses his opinions on who should be retained and who should be let go, and provides reasons for said opinions. Nothing wrong with that. If you think he's being inaccurate, then provide examples and call him out on it. That's fair game.

As for his 'opinions being fact', well, that depends on who he is, which is something we don't know.

If he's ET or some other current or recent past front office type in Edmonton, then his opinions might be deserving of weight. If he's some disgruntled ex-Eskimo, then less weight would be put on his posts. And, if he's the second coming of our old friend McMahon, then NO weight would be put on his posts. Tough call since we just don't know.

One of the reasons that I am contemplating leaving this forum after the season ends, is the challenging of the opinions and the mudslinging that occurs. Too many people take their opinion and this site far to seriously. If you don't agree with someone, that is fine but there is no need to challenge each other on the voracity of their opinion.

This site used to be fun but is becoming less so all the time. I stopped taking part in the Esksfans site because of the ignorance, hopefully they haven't all migrated over here.

My opinion is stated as my opinion. Not facts. The facts are clear in my writing. My kind thinks more words make you right? lol. We are writers. We write. It does not matter to me or “my kind” (in your eyes), how long our posts are. It takes an amount of words to get the right statement across. As for your other comments, if you dont care then dont read nor complain. I could say the world would be alot less stressfull without people like yourself that complain about EVERYTHING because thats all your good at. But do i care what you think or say, no.

I have no idea who McMahon is. My first post was the first day i have ever posted on this website.

I did not say all my writing is fact. I always give you my take and what i think the team will do. Theres alot of facts in every post, its all out there. Just find the info. Know where to get it. And then you'll see where im coming from.


Back to what this topic is all about, and sorry to all you who actually are on here to read and talk about the Eskimos. I had to say what i had to say about the negatives. But thats done and over with.

The latest on the offseason ive heard today:

The Edmonton Eskimos new OC will be: Paul LaPolice

The Edmonton Eskimos Head Coach will remain Kavis Reed.

The Edmonton Eskimos are likely to replace their current O-line, STC coaches.

TJ Hill wants to stay in Edmonton, as well as JC Sheritt. Everyone else may say they do, but as for contract talks, etc. That still has to be worked out.

Matt Dunigan, Ed Hevery & Paul Jones are front runners for the GM job. Although imo, i do not see Paul Jones getting the job. I do see Kavis Reed becoming an assistant GM if the job opens (if the case of Hervey getting the GM job).

The CFL free agent list will be released in December. And the next CFL scouting bureau rankings for the 2013 CFL draft are set to come out shortly after the CIS season ends.

Thats today's news.

Be thankful, be very thankful !!

He was well before your time here.