The Odyssey of the Redblacks

The franchise wasnt introduced in March of 2008. It will play it's first game in June of 2014. That is a span of 75 months!!!!
The whispers of American expansion to the debut of the new Monteal Alloutes took less then 75 months.
There are litterally only a few dozen players left playing in in the CFL since the announcement was made.
CFL teams were collecting 1 million dollars in league revenues when the announcement was made. Now they collect 5 million.
The Beatles released their fist album, and their last album in about 80 months.
People like Clive Douche became household names on these forums.
Its been a long time comin!!!!

75 months to create the team, 7.5 months to fold the team!!! :smiley:

get Lost!...