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When the QB is running for their life most of the game, it's hard to find good things to say about the O-Line. Reminds me of last year when Collaros was the runner, this year it is Masoli

Derek Taylor
Jeremiah Masoli under pressure 40% of snaps tonight...3/8 for 30 yds, 1 scramble for 5 yards and 4 sacks.

Still the CFL's highest-rated passer under pressure this season (92.5)
9:20 PM - Aug 10, 2018

Finally a thread not trashing our QB Masoli....the game was his if the O-line would have stepped up a notch on the last drive...go down and score and leave no time left.It was Hamilton's game even with endless penalties & fumbles...Masoli was very good.

I remember the old O-line being walked over before the "trades" so we can't blame the management over those changes!

Dont blame Masoli blame the system.

Dont blame the system blame the Oline.

Also Derek pointed out that Alex Greens average yards before contact was 0.5. not very good when your runs all come from the shotgun.

Yes but he also pointed out that he averaged almost 4 yards per carry which is impressive when first contact average is .5 yards

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Alex Green got 0.5 yards before contact tonight, lowest this season for anyone with 15+ rushes. Considering that, his 3.9 YPR was excellent.

The missed tackles on Andrew Harris were costly

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11h11 hours ago
7 missed tackles forced by @andrewharris33 tonight...that's his 5th game with 6+ (next best is 3 games: Powell & Wilder)

Agreed. Something to consider when people are calling for a RB change.

GEEZ, either Green is very slow hitting a hole or the OLine is getting manhandled.....or both.

Since Mercer's big game against Edmonton (where he scored twice and had 17 carries for 133 yards) Timmis has had 15 carries in 6 games. Did he do something to piss off Jones or something?
I still support Jones as the coach but sometimes when I am watching the game I have the feeling he and his staff really don't get our Canadian game yet. Especially when playing a team like Winnipeg that know every loop hole and intricacy in the book.

The eye test and the stats show Avery Jordan needs help. :frowning:

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12h12 hours ago
Five pressures from @elJEFEcoat44 including the sack tonight, one more than he had in the opener vs. Edmonton. Made it a rough night for Avery Jordan.

  1. If Tillman had any common sense, he would have demanded Bomben , and Williams, and the 2
    draft choices in return for Manziel !! Westerman hasn't done anything since he got here, and
    really, neither has Williams.

Montreal would have given Bomben back to us for sure, because the following week they traded
him to Toronto.

In reality, we gave Bomben away for nothing, and even worse, now he is an Argo LOL

I love it !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: With the exception of the 2 draft choices, we were royally screwed on

this trade, and our O Line is even a worse joke now !!

After watching Masoli constantly under seige, there was a play in the 3rd quarter at about the 11 minute mark where the O-line finally gave him a few seconds to breathe. Masoli then threw a beautiful ball and hit Banks on the left sidelines to continue the drive which eventually led to a TD.

When given time Masoli will pick apart the opposing defences. But when the other team is constantly sending the storm against an already weak levee then it's going to end in disaster.

Any QB can perform when they have a lot of time. The name of the game for the defense is to bring pressure. Masoli needs to handle that pressure and right now he is having trouble with that.

How about some plays designed to minimize, or even take advantage of pressure? Last night, for the first time this season, Masoli threw a screen over the middle. Gain of 9 yards. Will we see it again this year? I'm guessing no.

How right you are Tipper!!! ;)Don’t forget we still have yet to see any return in our trade of Bomben to Montreal!!! :o

Being screwed is when someone puts one over on you unjustly. When you purchase said screwing, lit's more of a fleecing. Is "royally fleeced" such a thing?

If we had Bomben instead of Westerman we'd have, what, 90 yards back? (I hope he finds a groove).

What a disaster last night!

They looked good pass blocking on the first drive but fell apart on the run blocking. I saw Filer pull a couple of times - it just looked awkward.

We all saw Jordan - I'm at a loss for words - get walked / run around? Guys didn't so much go through him as go around.

As someone else pointed out, this was the first time we saw screens - and they seemed to work. But play calling is a serious problem that I think exacerbates the problems on the oline.

Just like how you quarrel about how many times I post about the O line and like to target my posts all the time. And then you cry about it and need your guelph moderator to delete my posts...awww muffin

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I find this scenario interesting. The Cats have been using 6 or 7 men protection schemes to evade the rush. Yet ironically when the blocking fails then Masoli only has 4 targets instead of 5 receivers plus the RB. Then the screens and hot routes are not available to Masoli when the pocket implodes. That's when we get the mad scrambling or even worse a sack. This seems to be happening more often as opposing DCs have figured out how to exploit the weak links in our 7 man wall while having extra DBs floating around. Notice when Masoli targets Banks or Saunders there are usually two DBs draped over them. June Jones has to find a way to counter this otherwise it will be a long season.

What's even worse is when the six men back get overwhelmed by four attackers. That led to a few "mad scrambles" in Winnipeg.

O-Lines take time to gel, but the play calling needs to be there too. The screens were a welcome addition - but how was that not part of the plan from day one? Especially with Bomben gone.