The O-Line

I thought since the forum this year has been dominated by meta-threads where some really good observations have been lost in the shuffle, we might enjoy a position-specific thread that could trundle along beside the QB threads. So here goes:

I have, in general, been impressed with the O-Line this. It was a weak spot in the Austin years and with the loss of Bomben I thought we were in trouble. If anything, the backs have not been able to block as well as Gable did in his tenure.


In person everything happens so quick it is hard to judge but i do watch the replays usually. Watching on TV is difficult to see how the OLine performs typically but i pause and rewind MANY plays watching how the line blocking shakes out.
I think the line has been ok, missed assignments leading to free access to our QB and RB more than just plain getting beat in a lot of cases. New OLineman Jordan falls into this catergory for me. Physically very good, just needs to further learn his assignments and I can see him being an All Star.
I was very underwhelmed by Washington this season, also not quite as excited as some over the play of Ciraco as others seem to be. He looks very much as he is, a raw rookie. Tough assignment.
I wouldn't be shocked if Girard starts seeing more action in his place.
And finally blocking from our backs. Gable is the gold standard for me too. I thought White was absolutely great in his time as a blocker. No problem with him at all, smart and very physical. We have had such a parade at this position that the blame or credit goes to many as we have employed White, Thomas Erlington, Timmis, Green, I missing anyone.
Matthews-very good
Filer-very good
Okafor-Not sure

Ciraco has been fine. Yes their have been a couple times he's been beat. He looks pretty good run blocking, especially when he is asked to pull. Obviously pass protection could be better, but the best way to fix that is continue to play. He won't learn by sitting on the bench in favour of Girard.

But... but... We haven't completely finished totally shredding Masoli yet. :o
I think it may be too soon to start annihilating our Oline, they should have to wait their turn.
Perhaps after we have finally finished thrashing our punt return/special teams! :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I have noticed in this game is Bighill and everyone else out-beating Avery Jordan...losing Tony Washington hurt us and we need a left tackle badly...Masoli has been hit hard twice already and it's only second quarter.


As you said...We had one...he's now in Montreal...

I know hes a bit older but he wasnt that bad was he...could we bring back a guy like Xavier Fulton and plug him in that Left tackle position. Since we lost Tony Washington that left side is a bit weak.

Matthews for the most part has been good but i have seen games like when charleston hughes was ripping apart Matthews most of the night. Just saying. Hes better then Avery Jordan thats for sure.


i myself would like to see

Xavier Fulton LT (bring this guy back)
Brandon Revenberg LG
Mike Filer at C
Mathieu Girard RG
Ryker Mathews RT

I wouldnt mind bringing in Xavier Fulton and get him back to speed either for depth or a starting position for second half of the season. He has many years experience in the CFL, is a free agent and I believe he's in the area.


We are instructed to allow Masoli to "devolop" under Jones after the equivalent of a full season but bailing on a new tackle after a month is fair ?

This guy has been getting ripped apart. Are you saying to give him another month?? Another month will put us at the end of October. There are some cruicial games coming up after Edmonton on August 23rd. We play back to back against Toronto and honestly, those two games could be playoff implications at the end of the season

System is deeply flawed to hang it on one O line player is assinine.
Defences attack this line because they aren't afraid of HAMs passing attack.

I beg to differ on the offensive line but anyways...i guess youre right and everyone else are just writing those meta threads and dominating with there nonsense. :wink:

Even Rick Zamperin on the 5th quarter stated that some of our offensive line players protect Masoli well but two guys that stand out tonight were Ciraco and Jordan on the O line. I think we need some creative ideas by Orlondo on the defence BUT i also think strength at left tackle is a weakness that cant be ignored all night.

It was a few weeks ago that Charleston Hughes ripped a certain player on offence all night too....and it came down to ONE just glad were watching the same game...arent we? :wink:

Maybe Ciraco and Jordan are your Hamilton drinking buddies...hmmmm :wink:

You should go with your first instinct. There is no harder unit to build than the O-line, and we shipped half of ours out of town just when they were finally starting to play well as a unit. It is impossible to win in the CFL if you have a crappy O-line.

If Ciraco is so good he could have been the sixth man - Washington, Revenberg, Filer, Bomben, Mathews, Ciraco. I'm sure we'd have figured a way to get by without the rights to Chapman.

(Also - what's a "meta thread")

Of all the things to quarrel about, the timing of threads has to be the silliest. You realize they are all time-stamped, right? This thread was started at 4:15pm on Friday.

So in fact it would have been very difficult for the OP to post it in the O-line thread you started at 9:23pm. Or the O-line thread you started at 10:30pm. Or the coaching thread you started at 10:29pm, in which your first post mentioned the O-line.

But maybe given the state of this team, it's appropriate that most of the threads are about the O-line instead of the various past and present quarterbacks.

Cats should have picked up another O-Lineman at the draft instead of Chapman. Then we still would have had Bomben here to mentor the rookies. They can still build a solid line through the draft with Montreal's 1st round picks for Manziel but it will take longer.

I don't really remember Ciraco getting beat tonight, the other four had a bad night. They will go over the game tape and I'm sure coach McKnight would agree. Yes the O line plays as a unit, but individual play matters too.

Fulton was a turnstile when he was here. If he couldn't maintain a starting position in Montreal, why would you want him back?