The "O" Line

When the season starts I'll be watching and looking for good performance and a win like everybody else...but most importantly I'll be watching the "O" Line!

In order for our QB's and RB's to perform to their is critical for these guys to open holes for the RB and protect our QB.

I find this article very refreshing and somewhat comforting...


When people talk about the preasure to perform...nobody has more responsibility than the "O" Centre and his linemates.

It all starts with the "O" line and if we are sucessfull it will be as a result of a "Team" effort! Sometimes these guys don't get enough credit, or "press" for their efforts! Good Luck guys...bring home a win! :rockin:

The Key Will be how our Import Tackles Play..

I think Our Guards and Center are fine..

I agree Woody. The O-Line will set the tone for the entire offense. If they gel quickly, then Mass and company will be tough to stop. The talent is there, but it may take some time, especially reads on blitzes etc. The middle 3 are rock solid and should really help our two big stud tackles. Going to be fun.

The o line is the key to the Offence being able to execute .Of course The Rb,s and fullback,s will have to help to protect Maas and Co..

going take awhile to gel but potential and depth is there

they look pretty is the adjustment to the speed of the d-ends in this league. and i guess we will see how well #11 moves in the pocket...

Bingo…and don’t forget #12 has some real running ability. Not taking anything away from #17 either…did you see his college stats??? :thup:

This is going to be a great year!!! Let’s hope these guys stay healthy!!!

I don't know about that. There are some downright scary DEs in the NFL... bigger yet just as fast.

I think the adjustment to the positioning (defensive line being 1 yard off the ball) is the main one they will have to make.

On the positive side though, who better to practice against than Cotton and Cheatwood? Our ends are solid.

i thought the same thing until i saw how poorly the bombers handled the Montreal pass rush...

and the bombers line has Warner and Walls to practice against (just as scary) and Tom Canada as a backup.

better hope that line gels, and that the OTs are good one on one.

You can't blame Win's O-line tonight, I only saw the forth q, but from what I saw Montreal was sending the house on every play. You can't block 7 guys with 5, also Glenn played very poorly, he was dropping back to deep and wasn't getting rid of the ball quick enough.

yes, Glenn stinks… we know this much.

however most of the Sacks that I saw were one on one battles that the OT’s (generally the OTs) lost.

There are a lot of new pieces on that Bomber Oline, (just like ours)it’ll take soem time to gel. (hopefully ours takes less)

I wonder why Greg Randell and Damian Cook were switched
from one side to the O-line to the other to start the season?

Hoping to match up better against the Argos D-line?

ing the opposite side for the 2 pre-season games?

Can't wait for Pascal Charon's return.

He is hoping to be ready for our Home Opener.

Good post, ronfromtigertown.

As Greg Randall played right offensive tackle during the Ticats' pre-season (and during his NFL career), it was surprising to see the depth chart showing him as the starting left tackle.

However, with the injury to scheduled starting left tackle Jamal Powell, and since Greg Randall has been with the team a bit longer than Damion Cook and is probably a little more familiar with the Ticat offence, one would guess that Randall has been moved to left tackle to protect quarterback Jason Maas' blind side in passing situations.

I think your right on this...we will know right off if things are working or not. I know one thing...FOR SURE...we won't see...same old...same old! Our new coaches won't be afraid to adjust things!