The O Line

Why do they suck at run blocking so much? Why is Dile still starting?

To answer your question simply. The offensive line is likely so ineffective at run blocking because they are getting blown off the line and just losing 1 on 1 battles with the opponents. Dile is still starting because Cortez wants Dile to start. Sorry I really couldn't tell you a better reason, it just is what it is. Sometimes in sports the blatantly obvious to fans is not blatantly obvious to coaches. OR maybe DIle is just the best we got at that spot, and if that's the case then our O-Line is in trouble.

Dile is a rookie, so everyone should have expected growing pains. What I didn't like is the team cut Belton Johnson for Dile. Sure, Johnson wasn't an all-star or anything, but he was a steady player and I don't recall any major problems with him the past couple of years. It might have been better to keep Johnson, at least for this season, and put Dile on the PR. But that shipped has sailed. See how poorly the line is playing right now, I have a hard time believing that Johnson wasn't better than some of the guys he team kept.

This is not a "smash mouth" type aggressive run blocking line IMO. They are much better at pass protection and pass blocking by its very nature is a more passive activity since you are essentially reacting to the opponents rush. In run blocking, you are the "hammer instead of the nail" since you are the aggressor, actively trying to move people out of the way.
I note that the depth chart now shows Tim O'Neill at centre. Hage has struggled this year and the centre is naturally a key to your run blocking success. Perhaps O'Neill will help since it seems that Hage has not been able to explode into blocks and get position and leverage on his blocks like he used to.

I agree that Dile is having a rough start that many a rookie has experienced & can attest to. Hopefully his performance improves.

I'm not sure whether Marwan is completely healthy and/or is not the same player he once was due to injury & age. That was a tough injury & a long rehab & I'm not convinced he's back to the all-star player he was prior to last season. We shall see if he comes back fully.

Tim O'Neill has been absolutely outstanding whether it but at guard or centre. He's been a fantastic FA signing.

Canada's smartest man is doing okay but in my humble opinion (evidently there's an Internet acronym the kids use for that), he's not performing completely up to his expected level as the unit's best player.

Personally, I think Brian Simmons is the best lineman in the group. Watch the film, isolate in, he has narily given up a sack or taken a penalty. Left tackle is arguably the hardest spot to play along the line of scrimmage & he's done a fantastic job. And when you look at most all of Chevon Walker's long TD runs, they are on/over the left side in which Brian occupies.

Yet in the end the offensive line is a place where you are as good as your weakest link. This unit has to be solid across all 5 men in order to be stalwart & a unit that dominates.

The most intriguing part of tonight's game for me is to see how the O line responds after being called out by George Cortez last game and the effect of the changes at C and RG. I think Cortez wants to see a more physical, aggressive line, especially on running plays.

I predict more "illegal procedure" penalties. Let's place a prediction on Dile. I say he gets 3 tonight.

If that happens, Cortez would surely bench the guy maybe never to be seen again on this team (reference: Jimenez, Jason).

The O line sucks at run blocking essentially because we do not run the ball. Our games is built on the pass with the run a novel option thrown in by the coaching staff from time to time. Sadly other teams recognize this and are able to get more pressure on the QB in passing situations.

Well it was only twice last week. The guy can only improve…

Geez...Dile is a waste. He watched Bowman run past him to sack Burris. argh!!!!!!

The O-line is the 2nd worst part of our team right now. The run away front runner is the D-line. Cortez doesn't even go for 3rd and 1 now because he doesn't have faith that we can get the push for that yard, and remember, the defense lines up a yard back!!!

The team waited far too long to get the right HC. Finally, we get a guy with no HC pedigree.
I don't know if the fault of bringing in sub par players on our Defense is his or Obie's, but
somebody sure as hell blew it.

The off season saw far too much time allotted to shoring up the Offense, but without run blocking
or a decent "O" Line, even that effort is still in limbo.

Well, Cortez didn't do that to Jimenez last year, so we don't know what this head coach's reaction would be to multiple mistakes like the team dealt with with Jimenez.

I really miss Belton Johnson.

Johnson was solid. It's baffling how they saw fit to release him yet they've kept Dile. Not only has he been offside multiple times but he also had the Burris goal line fumble in his hands and didn't retain it. Dile has also been schooled many times by opposing D-Linemen who blow past him like a pylon. The game seems to be moving to quick for him. I can't see how the team thinks he's an asset.

You are right, it doesn’t matter who we put at running back the “O” line can’t create holes and the RBs are not gaining any yards. The “D” linemen are just running past the O line.
I hate to bring this up again but because of the NI ratio and with “O” lines being a Canadian position, there is a severe lack of talent and not enough Canadian O linemen coming out of the CIS. There is no one to come in and replace Dile or any of our “O” linemen, no “O” linemen to trade for. They could start a couple of Canadians somewhere else but that isn’t going to happen and the only option is to wait it out and live with it and hope these guys get better.

If Dile had committed three more illegal procedure penalties in this game, on top of all the numerous other calls he's had, I don't think any head coach at this level would continue to put up with it... including Cortez. That was my point.

Simmons in brutal too. I've noticed that he gets beat in every game. Both Dile and Simmons need to be replaced.

And, Betty White is 90 and never played the game. But Bowman wouldn't have got past her any quicker, than he did Dile, to sack Henry on the play that otherise could have all but sealed a Cat win.

The Non Imports arent the problem on the O line. It has been the two tackles who have struggled the most. The only person we have to replace Dile is Cody Husband. I hope the coach will at least give him a chance. Also there is enough talent coming out of the CIS, the problem is you actually have to let them play to give them a chance.