the O Line

we have bashed Cobb almost unanimously ( and with some justification) for his running style ( cant run if you dont start aggressively with yr first few steps into the line...) but after viewing the game once more and seeing the pounding Glenn got every time... the question that should be asked is perhaps not correctly framed

the O line... without a good O line there is no pass- nor is there a run...

is it the offensive schemes?

kind of predictable and frankly the O line is not pushing off on the running plays.... (maybe we DO need two tight end formations on occasion... yes they telegraph our play... but- 5 yards on a runniny play is , after all , still 5 yards and a good three more than we get now..

or is it the O line personnel themselves...

I dont think Jimenez was impressive at all (still seems lost out there)...and the French connection- Gauthier and Rauthier... NOT DOING IT..

i think-- like some on these posts...-- that before we start a new running back that we should take a good hard look at an area that has troubled us for some time.. .the O Line..

and as for field goal kicking? on the flip side of our problem coin

i think that is a universe unto itself.

I concur 100%

additionally, is Coach Murray attainable again ? :wink: