The O-Line should be credited with the win!

Last years O-Line was a complete mess in the first few games. They slowly fixed it to a serviceable level as the season progressed with additions such as Murray and Vornkahl. For some bizarre reason they let that same scenario happen again this season. Sure the Line looks decent right now but we lost more than half a season sorting it out.

Better late than never but hopefully they've learned their lesson finally. We sure as hell don't want to be complaining about the O-Line all of next season again.


...and the return of Saxelid......


I think lack of intensity is how we lost the 2019 Grey Cup. HAM was the better team on paper but WPG somehow just ... wanted it more.

Should we ever again have the best team on paper, my vote is that they wait until they have won at least one championship - maybe even two - before relaxing and assuming they have it all wrapped up before the final game is played.

(Based on that reasoning, WPG should feel free to adopt the latter position this year.)


I wonder how much Grey Cup week affected the team as well.

Thanks Maaax. That right tackle prospect from the Insider article sounds like a good replacement for Chris Van Zeyl. Too bad we always have to wait on these guys until they try the NFL.

Better co ordinating; Felix Garrard-Gauthier at TE, Hills picking up missed o line blocks/ blitzes and Evans bootleg and Play Action instead of trying to scramble through the Box !!! As well as improved O line.


[quote="JoeyT, post:7, topic:81070"]
...e line of scrimmage.. everything.Dane had great and consistent success through 2019 (save for the Grey Cup) and whenever he was on the field in 2021 (save perhaps for the opening of the Grey Cup). The guy can play.Whatever performance melt-downs he's had since then are on account of the supporting cast and play calling. Not the least of which has been the poor o-line play for the part of the season.
[/quote] cant blame the OL for all the fumbles and interceptions and forcing passes in coverage, why it took until the playoffs are a hope is hind-site!