The O-Line should be credited with the win!

Sports psychologists worked some voodoo on Evans, and that made the difference?! I don't buy that for a minute.

The difference in this game was the solidification of the O-Line, the key to that being the addition of Beard at Centre. I can't find the game stats (please if someone knows (I'm thinking Grover or Bobo) where to find game stats let me know), but by my count the O-Line allowed exactly zero sacks against the best D-Line in the league. I counted one hurry. I think this is the best O-Line the Cats have had in over a decade. The only way Dane makes those throws is with excellent protection, head screwed on straight or not.



If you could read lips - Dane to Beard "I love you man, where have you been all my life?"


I fully agree,
A QB is only as good as his protection from his Oline,
I also think Wes Hills would concur
The Center is the QB of the Oline

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I would credit Dane as much as the O-line. He was getting through his reads way better than he has all year and getting the ball out of his hands before the rush got to him.

Not to say the o-line play wasn't better but not asking them to try to block while the QB stands back trying to figure out what to do for 10-15 seconds every play probably makes them look better too.


Everything starts with the o-line and play on the line of scrimmage.. everything.

Dane had great and consistent success through 2019 (save for the Grey Cup) and whenever he was on the field in 2021 (save perhaps for the opening of the Grey Cup). The guy can play.

Whatever performance melt-downs he's had since then are on account of the supporting cast and play calling. Not the least of which has been the poor o-line play for the part of the season.


The mystery is how the team entered into this season so weak at O-Line. I know there were injuries, but it still baffles me. The O-Line has always felt like an afterthought - even during the pass-happy Austin era.


On labour day, Beard didn't play, but was on the side lines practicing snaps. The guy is a house! I think his addition definitely made a difference.

But i think that was in combination with Dane working on his end of things as well.


whoooaa it was one game.

Your front five was on a mission... but so was the rest of your team:

What Hamilton did (to upset Winnipeg by 17 points) was match their intensity. Winnipeg obviously has a lot of talent but the way they win is with knowledge and effort. If you can match their intensity, you can beat them any day of the week. The other thing (Hamilton) did well was slow down (Winnipeg’s) pass rush. If you can give the quarterback time to pick it apart, their secondary is not great.


Here are the stats, and you're right. Not one sack given up.


The OLine lost LT Murray . Centre Ciraco , and TE Kalinic . That's 3 experienced blockers gone . We now have LT Riley . Centre Beard , and FB Felix Gauthier . That might explain the improvement . The OLine coach is the same Mike Gibson .


It is easy to say, after the game has ended .
But folks - this is not rocket science.

The reason the Cats won, was because ALL phases of the game excelled.
The running game was solid; the pass protection was phenomenal; the receivers caught the ball, even in traffic; the field goal kicking was fabulous ( a 52 yarder?), Etc .

When all works, the chance of winning is much higher.
It's that simple.


This is exactly what I have been saying for two seasons.
We also have lost CVZ for the majority of the year.
The Ciraco Experiment at Centre didn't exactly pan out last year, but remember it was Filer who had come into camp out of shape in 2019, and his retirement took about 2.5 years to come about - therefore forcing Ciraco to switch positions in training camp.
We signed Fontana - a guy who hasn't played on three years, who gets hurt on virtually the opening play. And when he DOES come back he PLAYS as if he hasn't in three years.
The other guy we traded for lasted three plays.
It took a grand total of 13 games for the O-Line to round into form. Beard just has to get his snaps under control.

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The Cats have released Travis Vornkahl . It looks like Riley and Brandon Kemp will compete for the LT spot .

Thanks for the game stats CFF!

It's true all phases excelled - but your receivers don't stand a chance if you QB is on his back.

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It wasn't an after thought, in order for an Oline to have success, they need to play together for a couple of games.

Why do you think BC and Winnipeg has had success? Consistency and lack of injuries.

Now the question is can they do this the rest of the way or is it a one game effort.

During the bye-week it was clear that the Cats made many tweaks. Dane's mental state was a huge part of the Cat's performance but his shoulder also had time to heal. The O-Line play improved with the addition of Beard. Receivers were getting open and Condell called a good game.

All cylinders were firing simultaneously and that's what this team needs to do consistently in the next few weeks if they plan on entertaining us in the playoffs.

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The O-Line was a problem last year and had never previously been good enough to stop the Winnipeg D. There were no significant upgrades in the off-season. The upgrades have happened late in the year with the season almost lost. Maybe Beard wasn't available until just recently - but I still don't think the O-Line has been a priority.

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